Black Ops Cold War League Play Reportedly Leaks for Early This Year

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 4th 2021

There is a lot of content in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War at this time. It continues to grow with new playlists, game modes, and more over time. But there is one piece of content that hasn’t been in the game yet, and that is ranked mode, but a Black Ops Cold War League Play leak gives us hope. 

Black Ops Cold War League Play Leak Revealed

The League Play game mode is the ranked playlist that many players look forward to in a Black Ops title. This is the ranked area where you are put into tiers based on your skill. You move up and down them based on how well you do in the online ranked matches. 

However, the latest Call of Duty game launch in November of last year did not come with the ranked mode. Fortunately, it looks like it is still possibly coming sometime soon as a recent Black Ops Cold War League Play leak has appeared to remind players that Treyarch hasn’t forgotten about this highly requested mode. 

The well-known Call of Duty data miner and leaker Tom Henderson was on a stream recently in which he noted the Black Ops Cold War League Play leak, stating that the highly anticipated playlist is coming soon. This leak was then shared by the Twitter account CDL Intel

Employees who work on the game teased a League Play mode, but the Black Ops Cold War’s launch did not see its release. This was despite the fact that every Black Ops game before it and other Call of Duty titles have had it. 

Release Window Potentially Leaks

Fortunately, it looks like the Black Ops Cold War League Play leak has revealed a possible window of time in which the playlist will release. According to Henderson’s leak, it looks like players can expect the fan-favorite ranked playlist to drop in Cold War sometime in early this year.

The specific release window that Henderson gave in the stream was sometime in the first quarter of 2021. That would put the release anywhere between right now as you are reading this post and the end of March this year. Of course, this is just a leak, and that could mean this isn’t definitive.

However, the League Play mode is something that the community has been requesting since launch, so it would be a disservice to the players to make them wait any longer. This window of time is probably true if the Black Ops Cold War League Play leak’s sources are to be believed. 

That is still a pretty large window of time as it does mean that you could be waiting more than two months for now potentially to see the ranked playlist finally drop in the Call of Duty 2020 game. Fortunately, there is hope as we do have some idea of when we could see it finally drop. 

When We Might See League Play

While there are new playlists that drop pretty regularly right now in Cold War as we are in the middle of its first season of content, there aren’t any new game modes that do. That is, except for the ones that Treyarch announced at the beginning of the season. 

League Play was not one of the already announced game modes for this season, so that would make it seem like it won’t release until after Season 1 is over. The beginning of Season 2 will either be the end of February or the beginning of March. 

That would seem like the most likely place for the League Play playlist to drop in the game as it would be within the time frame that was given in the leak while still being a good launch at the same time. This would mean that players would have to wait around two months for it to drop.

And that is considering that it doesn’t drop partway through the second season, either, though we doubt that Treyarch would want to make players wish to that long for it. However, there is one other time frame in which we think that Treyarch might release the long-awaited mode, which is sooner than Season 2’s launch.

It Could Come Out With the Call of Duty League 2021 Season

It isn’t likely, but there is a slim chance that League Play could surprisingly drop in the middle of Season 1 after all. One of the strange things about this whole situation is that the ranked mode didn’t drop in time to launch the base game. 

From there, we thought that maybe Treyarch would release it in Season 1 since that would be the right amount of time for players to get used to the gameplay, weapons, and meta and be ready for the ranked mode. However, that came and went without League Play still. 

The next launch period that we could see would be waiting for the start of the Call of Duty League 2021 season. That is when the pro players will begin their second season together. It would be an excellent time for League Play to also drop for everyone else in the world. 

If the League Playlist doesn’t come out in Season 2, we would expect it to release whenever the Call of Duty League starts up again. Last year, the league began its inaugural season in late January, but that is looking increasingly unlikely at this point. 

We are in the new year and still have no official schedule for the year, leading us to believe that February is when the league will get started at the earliest, but that could change, of course. Whenever it does start that would be a great time to bring out the League Play for players to start rising through the Cold War ranks.


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