Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit Added in Update

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 9th 2021

Treyarch is excellent about releasing updates for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War almost every week. The latest one is here to bring some interesting changes along with it. The new update brings a new game mode in the form of the Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit and several changes.

If you are reading this right now, you can go ahead and download and install the new weekly update for Cold War on your platform of choice. It is a smaller one, but it does bring some surprising changes with it. Usually, this is the sort of update that is meant for just fixing stuff. 

And that is definitely what this new update does, fixing some of the game’s significant problems in the multiplayer, League Play, and Zombies portions of the game. It also brings a new playlist for players to check out online: Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit. 

Latest Update Arrives: Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit Revealed

While most of the update this week is meant to be fixing and changing Cold War issues, developer Treyarch is gracious enough to ensure that players have something new to play as well. That is why the new Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit playlist is here for its fans. 

This name is likely familiar to you. The moshpit already exists in the game in another form, but this version is here to up the ante. This new version of the playlist has been added to the quick play feature to dig into it quickly and anytime they want while it is around. 

But, of course, you might be wondering what this new Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit playlist might be. Well, it is the hardcore version of the original Rapid Fire playlist that strips away the more gimmicky nature of Cold War multiplayer, like the scorestreaks and other items.

It brings to that hardcore gunplay-style that many players adore, where it is strictly about how strong a player and aimer are. But as for the original Rapid Fire Moshpit itself, it is a reasonably new playlist that has become popular recently for those who don’t know. 

In Rapid Fire, it is all about that classic Call of Duty action. There is nothing truly special about the playlist other than it ensures that you are getting the most intense action that you can from a traditional Call of Duty match, meaning none of that Face Off stuff here.

What it does is bring together some of the most tried and true Call of Duty game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed and bring them together into one playlist. But that isn’t anything exciting, so there is an extra layer added on top of that. 

Players are guaranteed that the maps you will get in the Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit playlist are the smaller and more intense ones where the action lies. So, that means that bigger maps like Miami and others will not be found here. 

All of these maps are instant or already existing classics so that you are getting some amazing and classic gameplay in each match. Those maps include the recently released Apocalypse, an excellent map on its own, Crossroads Strike, Express, Garrison, Nuketown 84, and Raid. 

These maps are some of my favorites in Cold War at this time, minus a few key ones, so they are well worth checking out in this mode. If you are a fan of that traditional Call of Duty gameplay that feels like you’re back in the old days of Black Ops, the Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit playlist is for you.  

Lastly, the other change in Rapid Fire to make it crazy is that the Spy Plane will be active at all times. Though there are no scorestreaks in this hardcore version, this will be available and ensure that everyone knows where everyone is to make for those truly grand nonstop fights. 

Multiplayer and Zombies Changes

While the new Black Ops Cold War HC Rapid Fire Moshpit playlist is the new update’s crux, it isn’t all that is here. There are plenty of changes and other fixes as well, as the Guerrilla Warfare challenge now tracking weapons that players pick up, too, and the Helping Hand challenge tracking Spy Plane assists. 

On the League Play side of things, players should no longer have to deal with those broken ranked ladder groups as much. Even if you are put into one, you should be in a better group after the next match. There is a fix, too, for ladders that would have player names appear as blank. 

Then for those of you players who love Zombies mode, there are general stability fixes for the various objectives you can do in the new Outbreak mode that launched at the start of Season 2 recently. There is also a fix for the problem where you couldn’t complete the objective if a player carrying the canister left the match. 

There is also a fix for the graphical corruption that would happen when using the Frenzied Guard field upgrade in Zombies. And lastly, the three radio transmissions in Firebase Z that were not working have been fixed, and you should be able to listen to them properly now.


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