Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Tournaments Release This Week

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 6th 2021

The weekly update for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been released, announcing the changes and new content coming to the title this week. As part of this, the new major addition this week is the new Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Tournaments. 

Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Tournaments Announced

A new game mode is coming to the title this week and will offer a unique take on the Gunfight game mode that is out. The new tournaments playlist is a more competitive-focused take on the game mode that will be great for Gunfight fans. 

You likely already know the general Gunfight game mode, but it is one of the most competitive game modes that you can find in Call of Duty for those who don’t know it. It is normally meant for two players against two more players where the two teams compete in numerous rounds per match. 

Each round, all four players in the match have only one life to live. The goal is a simple one: take out the other team to win. If the time runs out before then, there is a flag that the teams can capture to win the game round alternatively. 

The catch beyond this is that every player will always have the same equipment as one another. This means they will have the same weapons in every round to make the mode even more competitive and keep things pretty fair for everyone involved. 

How Gunfight Tournaments Work

However, that is just the normal Gunfight game mode. The new Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Tournaments will switch that up even further by making a tournament playlist for it. It works because 16 teams will match up with one another to clash in two versus two single-elimination tournaments. 

You will compete in up to four matches in a row in each tournament to determine a winner. There will be 16 teams from the start, so joining one of these will mean that you will match up with another team. 

If you win, you move to the next round and will face off in the top eight. Winning there will move you to the top four in the semifinals, and then another win will place you in the finals. If you win that, you have won the tournament and potentially some exclusive rewards in the process.

But, if you lose at any point during this time, you will be immediately eliminated from the competition. Of course, you can always jump right back into another tournament and keep going from there. It seems that there will be different types of tournaments that you will be able to participate in over time. 

Gunsmith Customs and New Sniper Rifle

There are four new exclusive rewards for each tournament that you would be able to earn, including a new emblem, calling card, charm, and even a weapon blueprint. We presume that winning the first round will grant you the first item, the second round giving the second item, and then winning an entire tournament giving the weapon blueprint. 

But, of course, the Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Tournaments game mode is not the only addition this week. Gunsmith Customs is coming out this week, too, bringing a new feature where you can take different attachments from weapon blueprints of the same weapon category to create your custom blueprint for multiplayer and Zombies.

If that isn’t enough, there is a brand new weapon that is launching for the game soon, and it is going to be especially grand for those of you snipers out there. The ZRG 20mm sniper rifle will join the limited weapon category as a very important addition to its roster. 

This week, players will be able to unlock it through an in-game challenge that will require you to complete various tasks. Of course, you can always skip this whole process by just purchasing the store bundle that will likely come with a weapon blueprint version as well as the base weapon.

The ZRG 20mm sniper rifle works because it is a powerful rifle that fires some 20mm rounds that will give the strongest damage per shot out of every gun in the class. It is a long-range beast that will likely add to the sniper arsenal in Cold War and potentially change it in the process.

New Store Items for This Week

On the minor side this week, there are some new store items that players will be able to pick up this week if you are a collection enthusiast or someone with some credits to spare. The Hippity Hoppity bundle is here just in time for Easter with a new operator skin, four other themed items, a tier skip, and the new Powderizer legendary blueprint. 

If that isn’t enough, you also get the Soft Touch SMG blueprint in this jam-packed bundle of Easter-themed items. The other major weapon bundle this week is the Jackpot Sniper bundle. There are four items included in this bundle that will add to your collection. 

The bundle’s main one is the Big Shot weapon blueprint for a sniper rifle, but there is also the dice animated emblem, Full House weapon sticker, and the Million Dollar Chip weapon charm. If you’re into new operator skins, the new Rivas operator bundle is dedicated to that character with a new skin and more, so keep an eye out for that later this week. 


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