Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Snipers Only Drops This Week

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 30th 2020

Treyarch has proven that, with the start of the first season of content for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, it will make sure that players have interesting things to do in the game every single week. Such is the case this week with the Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Snipers Only game mode. 

Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Snipers Only Joins This Week

As always, the main developer behind the online multiplayer and Zombies portions of Black Ops Cold War posted about the new playlists that are live in the game this week on its Twitter account. Through this, we can find out what’s new and different this week. 

Oddly enough, there isn’t much that has changed this week as it follows much of what released last week for the various playlists. Players can check out most of the game modes that were already there, but there is one new mode that has dropped this week.

That mode is none other than the Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Snipers Only playlist that is available right now by the time you are reading this. It is the single new playlist and game mode this week, but it is a fan favorite one that many players will be happy to see in the latest Call of Duty game. 

Fans of this Gunfight game mode will likely remember it from its original debut in Modern Warfare 2019, where it was able to flourish as one of the most popular takes on that particular experience. And the best part is that it is now available in Cold War for likely only a limited time. 

What Gunfight Snipers Only Is

The Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Snipers Only takes on the fan-favorite Gunfight experience with some interesting and challenging twists. First and foremost, Gunfight is the unbelievably popular game mode that debuted with Modern Warfare as one of its main playlists. 

In this game mode, it is typically two players against another team of two players who only have one life to live per round. The first team to win a certain number of rounds wins the match. Winning involves taking out the opposing team or grabbing the overtime flag that shows up later on in the round if someone is still alive on both teams when the timer runs out.

In this game mode, the biggest catch is that both teams are on an even playing field. The arsenal you use in each round will change from round to round. However, everyone in the match will always have the same equipment.

Skill is key in Gunfight with various weapons, except in the case of the new Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Snipers Only playlist. In this version of the game mode, there are two significant changes. The first one has to do with the number of players who are in each match. 

Snipers Should Try It Out

Instead of the standard two on two that we usually see in Gunfight, it takes from last week’s playlist known as Face Off and amps the player count up to three on each side. This will make the smaller Gunfight maps more cramped and also challenging, especially given the second twist in this mode.

As the name states, you will only find sniper rifles in this particular take on Gunfight three versus three. This category of weapons is all that you will find here, so we certainly hope you are a skilled sniper if you decide to do this take on Gunfight. 

Otherwise, you are looking at a pretty difficult game mode overall. It is already challenging enough on its own since the maps are so small in Gunfight and typically encourage players to duel in close combat fights rather than the long-range ones associated with sniper rifles. 

This will make Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Snipers Only a purely chaotic match type, mainly for the biggest fans of Gunfight and/or sniper rifles. With the boost to make sniper rifles more viable again in Cold War than Modern Warfare, this is an especially welcome game mode.  

Other Playlists and Game Modes This Week

Fortunately, it isn’t the only game mode available this week, even if it is the only new one. Some returning playlists come back again for another round this week for those of you who aren’t interested in Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Snipers Only. 

There is the aforementioned Face Off mode where players take the Gunfight maps, put two teams of three players on them, and play in normal game modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination rather than the usual Gunfight set of rules. 

There is also Raid 24/7 where fans of that Black Ops 2 map that debuted this season can continue to play on it without having to worry about ending up on a different map and Nuketown Holiday 24/7 for fans of that map. There is also the standard two on two Gunfight for players who like the original mode.

And last but not least, the final special playlist this week is Prop Hunt that has somehow held on all this time in Season 1 thus far. We presume that it is a limited-time game mode, so players who like this mode should be sure to check it out while you still can, as there is no telling when it will leave the game for good.


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