Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Blueprints Mode, More Added This Week

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 8th 2021

Treyarch has once again shared the new and updated playlists here this week in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. There are a couple of new playlists and game modes for players to check out this week for a limited time, including the Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Blueprints one and more.

New Weekly Playlists Announced

As usual, Treyarch has seemingly taken over the Activision blog’s duties to let us know what the new playlists are each week. Once again, the Cold War multiplayer developer has revealed what’s new and happening this week on its official website. 

Interestingly enough, it looks like there is a significant change when we get new playlists each week in the game from now on. Typically, it has been on Tuesdays when a new playlist drops, but the developer has moved it to Thursdays instead. 

However, it is late enough in the day on Thursday that it might as well be Friday for most players worldwide when they will be able to see and check out the changes. This is worth keeping in mind so that you don’t end up wondering where the new playlists are next Tuesday. 

Overall, there are a few new playlists this week, including a brand new game mode entirely, that you will be able to check out, plus a bunch of returning modes and more. Plus, Treyarch has teased us with what is coming in the next downloadable update and general gameplay changes.

New Gunfight Blueprints Game Mode

Of the new playlists this week, the most important one is the brand new Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Blueprints. Like the Face Off and other Gunfight variants that we have had in the past couple of weeks, this is a twist on the standard Gunfight mode that you know and love. 

This is mostly the same usual Gunfight mode where there are two teams of two players each. They are battling across rounds with only one life to live per round. Everyone is on the same page in each round. They have the same set of gear that changes up from round to round. 

But in the new Black Ops Cold War Gunfight Blueprints version, this one sees the players only have randomly chosen loadouts filled with weapon blueprints only. You will only find blueprints in this version, and considering there aren’t too many in the game at this time, it can be easy to find a new favorite that you might not have discovered otherwise.

Unlike the other Gunfight game modes that were released recently, they were more focused on having three players per team or changing up the rules considerably. This only focuses on changing up the gear to have more powerful weapons, grabbing a teammate and trying your hand at this competitive mode. 

Other Playlists This Week

Several other playlists have dropped this week, including one other new game mode: Dirty Bomb duos. In this version of the popular Fireteam game mode, we have our first attempt to offer a new and different take on the Dirty Bomb mode. 

Usually, players will have the Fireteam Dirty Bomb game mode only have four players per squad, and that is too much for two players who want to play together. You can do that with the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb duos playlist where there are only two players per team. 

Like the normal version, there are only 10 teams in total, making for 20 players in the match, half of the usual player count. A brand new playlist has been released that is a mix of a couple of different maps that are brought together. 

Raid and Crossroads Strike 24/7 is here now, bringing together Raid and Crossroads Strike, the smaller form of the popular and amazing map introduced in Black Ops Cold War. Through this playlist, you will be guaranteed you will only compete on one of these two maps. 

Raid is probably the most popular multiplayer map these days and not just because it is the remake of a fan-favorite Black Ops 2 locale but because the players love it so much. Couple it with, in our opinion, the best new map in Cold War. You have a pretty brilliant playlist. 

Four other playlists are available this week. They are either returning or ones that have been here all season long. Nuketown 24/7 takes over for the holiday version that was here for a while, Face Off for playing normal game modes on Gunfight maps, Dirty Bomb normal, and Prop Hunt that is still going strong this season. 

Teases for Next Update and General Changes

There are also some teases for the next update for the game scheduled to drop on Jan. 14. Players will be able to check out a whole new map that will come out for Fireteam: Dirty Bomb that will be the Sanatorium location. 

There is also a new game mode coming out that is known as Dropkick. Details are scarce on it, but we will have full information on this game mode soon. Zombies is getting Cranked with this new mode with a timer that counts down to your death unless you keep killing the undead.

The beloved Raid map will join Onslaught as one of the locations where you can play this two-player cooperative Zombies experience. There is more to come on Jan. 14, where we will get the mid-season downloadable update for this inaugural season. 

Some other general changes have happened this week as well. New daily challenges should appear correctly. Extra models and collision have been added to Gunfight to ensure that you aren’t able to kill enemies at their spawn in the Game Show map. 

Combined Arms: Assault has its time adjusted to be different from now on when you capture a zone. There are many more changes beyond these. You can find the other minor fixes and changes here


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