Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Dirty Bomb Mode, More Revealed in Beta Update

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 8th 2020

It is time for the beginning of the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta testing experience. We are just under a month away from the full launch of the game on current and next-gen hardware at the time of writing this. The beta is here to introduce new content like the Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Dirty Bomb game mode and more.

The beta is available right now for early access PS4 players who have pre-ordered the game or have a beta code. It will go for two days; then all PS4 players will be ushered in later this weekend. Next weekend, though, all platforms and every player will be able to check it out for a few days.

Cartel Is the Sole New Map

When it comes to the Black Ops Cold War beta, there are some major differences between it and the alpha hosted last month. On PS4 only, players could check out the alpha for totally free without having to pre-order the game, unlike the current early access beta.

While the alpha only had some maps and a few game modes, the beta will take what was available there and is expanding upon it greatly with more game modes and a single new map. The new map in the beta will be the Cartel map that will be available during the entire beta phase.

Cartel takes place in Nicaragua’s jungles, where players will have to navigate a remote cartel compound where a known Perseus associate is waiting in the shadows. This rather large jungle area will be a varied map with different options for fans of different play styles.

There are close combat areas for those who like up close and personal action in the warehouse and streams on opposite ends of the map. You can run through the dense jungle to sneak up on the enemies and complete objectives for those who prefer stealth attacks.

Then there is the tower in the very center of the map that gives the best view of the surrounding areas where snipers will be able to reign supreme from on high. Due to the size and varied nature of Cartel, this map will be available in both normal six on six multiplayer game modes as well as the new large team 12 on 12 modes.

Cartel will join the three normal six on six maps in the beta, as we previously heard in a recent leak, including Miami, Moscow, and Satellite while also joining the two 12 on 12 maps of Armada and Crossroads. The latter two will also have six on six versions of them, but only when the full game launches next month.

VIP Escort and Combined Arms: Assault

While Cartel is the sole new map that all players will have to check out, there are a few new game modes offered that we have never seen before. The first one is the VIP Escort game mode announced during the initial reveal of the game. We will get our first hands-on with it.

VIP Escort is a six on six game mode where one player is designated as the very important person who must be escorted by the team to one of two extraction zones on the map. That escorting team must successfully do that or wipe out the enemy team to win the round.

On the other hand, the defensive team must stop the VIP by taking them out before their team is eliminated. There are no respawns like in Search and Destroy, so players must make every action count and revive downed teammates if possible.

In VIP Escort, scorestreaks are disabled, so you can’t rely on them to attack and find your enemies. The only exception is the VIP who has access to some special gear, including a spy plane.

The second new game mode is Combined Arms: Assault, which may sound somewhat familiar to players, especially those who checked out the PS4 alpha. Combined Arms is the new moniker for the 12 on 12 game modes offered in Black Ops Cold War.

Previously, the alpha allowed players to check out Combined Arms: Domination (also available in the beta), which was essentially just a much larger version of the normal objective-based game mode that seemed to take some inspiration from the Battlefield series.

Well, it seems that the inspiration might be continuing with the Combined Arms: Assault mode. In Assault, players are playing a Rush-like experience where there are two teams of 12 players each. The match starts with the two teams on opposite ends of the map and a middle zone.

The first team to capture the neutral zone in the middle will begin the assault. It will open up a new zone to capture further into the enemy’s side of the map. In total, there will be five zones on each of the three maps.

Presumably, this means that there will be one zone in the middle and then two on each map side. Players will need to reach the enemy side’s final zone and capture it to win the match. Every time a zone is captured, the time will pause. Teams will have a moment to prepare for the next part of the assault.

However, if the round ends and no one has successfully won the match, there will be an overtime part where another zone will appear in the middle. The first team to take it will win the match.

Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Dirty Bomb Mode Revealed

The next new game mode is the Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Dirty Bomb one. This one will only be available during the second weekend of the beta event when everyone can play together, so PS4 players will have to wait a little bit to check this one out.

It will be available on two new large maps, presumably added and announced later on. Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Dirty Bomb will feature a massive match of 40 players in total. There will be 10 squads of four players each that will make up the game mode.

Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Dirty Bomb is a strangely deep game mode that we can’t wrap our heads around just yet fully. You have different objectives in this mode, such as taking out enemies, collecting uranium, and then depositing uranium into dirty bombs around the map.

A lot is going on in this game mode. It becomes crazier when you bring in the uranium side of things. The longer a player holds onto this radioactive element, the more negative effects it will have on them. Also, the bomb detonations will make large maps more hazardous for everyone.

If you are taken out in this mode, you can respawn using, once again, the very Battlefield-like respawn system. You can spawn on teammates who aren’t in battle, jump into a friendly vehicle, or parachute back into the action. The Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode looks to be the first of the Fireteam series and will likely be crazy.

New Multiplayer Features: Ping System, FOV Slider

What is intriguing about the beta is that it adds new gameplay features that weren’t part of the original alpha. The first of these is the debut of a dedicated ping system in Call of Duty for the first time outside of Call of Duty Warzone and battle royale.

You will be able to use the ping system in Black Ops multiplayer, marking various things for your team. See an enemy that is camping far away or is about to take you out? Mark that for a teammate. See some items or a location that you want to point out? You can ping that, too.

This works in every game mode and on every single map from Team Deathmatch to the newly announced Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Dirty Bomb and everything in between. This is a great move for players who don’t like to use voice chat as well.

Along with the ping system, there is the FOV slider’s addition for the first time on every game platform. FOV, or field of view, affects the range of view you can see when running around the map. Adding this to consoles makes those experiences match up more with PC, which is excellent given the crossplay functionality.

You also have the option to customize your HUD to your liking. If there are too many things on the screen at one time and it bothers, feel free to customize it as much or as little as you want. Add or remove enemy and ally health bars, take out player names, button hints, and so on to make it your own.

Movement and Weapon Changes From Alpha

While tuning the gameplay from the alpha to the beta, there are some key changes worth mentioning. You will find that there are updated animations and systems for walking, jogging, and sprinting in terms of movement. There is even a slight increase in acceleration from standing still to moving.

The sprint penalties that were available before have either been reduced or removed entirely to help players out. There should be a smoother change of speed now, too, and an adjusted camera to help with the new animations. When it comes to sliding, the speed slightly reduced.

On the weapons side of things, there is balancing for recoil, new technology for rendering aiming down the sights, and general changes to powerful or underwhelming weapons like the AK-74u, LMGs in general, and more. Sniper rifles got some much-needed changes as well.

For the first time since Black Ops 2, aim assist has been added to snipers using a controller to keep the game balanced with PC users. The glint to show a sniper pointing at you should be more reliable from now on for knowing what’s happening. One-hit kills will require higher aiming on the upper chest, instead of the stomach, and so on.

Scorestreak and Spawn Changes

Scorestreaks will now reward more points for objective-based actions like capturing the objective and so on. This affects game modes like Domination, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed. It ensures that players are adequately rewarded and encouraged to do the objective and take out enemies.

The scorestreak cooldowns are now much lower so that players can use their spy planes and other lower-level abilities faster, instead of waiting around with enough points but being held by a cooldown.

Spawns have gotten some major changes, especially when it comes to feedback regarding the Miami map in six on six. There are new spawn locations on this map to ensure that players are getting back into the fray faster.

Moscow has new spawns to ensure that players are spawning at safer distances from enemy locations, which was an issue on that map in the alpha. For Armada, the frequency of spawning near the rear of their home ship is reduced to ensure that players don’t have such long trips back to the action.

On Crossroads, the spawn points adjusted to make it so that players are coming back closer to their objectives and not having to run so far to get back to them. For Satellite, the spawn logic changed to make it so that it is easier to spawn-flip in certain modes.

That was only some of the massive patch notes released for the Black Ops Cold War beta. If you are interested in finding out everything else that is new and changed, be sure to check out the full patch notes right here.


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