Black Ops Cold War Face Off and Raid Playlists Arrive

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 22nd 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is entering its second week in the first season of content. The multiplayer developer Treyarch is already adjusting the game and its playlists. There are new playlists this week, including the Black Ops Cold War Face Off one and more. 

New and Changed Playlists Drop This Week

The new playlists announcement was revealed on the Treyarch official Twitter account where the developer noted the changes and additions that are coming to Cold War this week. Starting today, Tuesday, Dec. 22, players will be able to check out new playlists and some adjusted ones.

It seems that Treyarch is making good on its reputation of changing up things whenever the community isn’t a fan of something, and that is what happens this week with the Raid playlist. As you likely already know, there was the Raid the Mall playlist that was available last week. 

The launch of the first season of content meant that there were two new multiplayer maps for players to check out in six on six, and that was the return of Raid and the new Pines mall one. Both maps were brought together in the Raid the Mall playlist. 

Though the mall map isn’t a bad one at all, many players were happy to see the fan-favorite Black Ops 2 map Raid come back and wanted to play it much more. As such, Treyarch has taken note of this and is adjusting this week’s playlists to make this happen.

Raid 24/7 and Nuketown Holiday 24/7

As part of this, one of the new playlists this week is none other than Raid 24/7. If you like the Raid map and don’t want to spend any time in the new Pines mall one, you will likely be happy to know you can now do just that in the Raid playlist where that map is the only one that you will get.

Sure, the game modes will still alternate and be randomized, depending on what you get, but you no longer have to worry about ending up with a map that you didn’t want to play on. We imagine that the Raid playlist is only here for a limited time, so players should enjoy it while it is still here.

Joining the Raid 24/7 playlist is another one that players can enjoy nonstop this week: Nuketown Holiday 24/7. The fan-favorite map is back in Cold War and has been for a few weeks now. To celebrate the holidays, the Nuketown Holiday version has returned from Black Ops 4. 

In addition to that, we have the Prop Hunt and Gunfight game modes that are still here this week, thankfully. It is no guarantee that Prop Hunt will stay in the game permanently as that hasn’t been the case in past games, but it is good, at least, that it is still here for players at this time. 

Face Off Makes Its Cold War Debut

But perhaps the most exciting and surprising addition this week to the playlists is none other than Black Ops Cold War Face Off. This special playlist will likely be familiar to those who played Modern Warfare last year or this year as it was a fan favorite one there. 

This special playlist brings together a selection of game modes and puts them on maps you usually wouldn’t find and with an extra twist on top of that. It takes the maps from Gunfight and brings other game modes to these locations that you might not usually visit. 

Four new maps were introduced this season exclusively for the Gunfight mode. Not everyone is a fan of the extremely competitive playlist. But you might be more of a fan of the usual stuff like Team Deathmatch and so on. Well, now you have a chance to play the Gunfight maps with normal game modes.

The three game modes available in Black Ops Cold War Face Off are Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed. You will be able to go around racking up kills, capturing points, and taking dog tags on these locations where you usually wouldn’t be able to do that at all. 

Daily Challenges and Double XP Are Here

Of course, this does bring up the issue of these maps. The Gunfight maps are built for two on two play as they are very tiny and encourage quick close combat encounters. Six on six with these small maps would be chaos, which isn’t what Black Ops Cold War Face Off is doing.

So, to make up for that fact, the added twist is that the Black Ops Cold War Face Off playlist makes the three main game modes three on three, instead of the usual six on six. This ensures that the matches are paced to match the overall size of the four locations.

If that isn’t enough, there are new daily challenges that you can find in online multiplayer and Zombies in Cold War. These should be good for getting experience more easily and frequently. Speaking of more efficiently getting experience, keep in mind that double battle pass XP is available today. 

This should be good for getting through the first season’s battle pass since it just got started. With many players off from work and school during the holidays, there is no better time to jump into there and enjoy the new and changed playlists in Cold War for a limited time. 


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