Black Ops Cold War Exploit Eliminates Sprint Fire Delay

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 30th 2020

A new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War exploit has been discovered by one of its players and shared with the rest of the community. This particular exploit is a rather beneficial one as it eliminates the Black Ops Cold War sprint fire delay that typically happens when running around.

Black Ops Cold War Sprint Fire Delay Exploit Discovered

This exploit was shared by the Reddit user b3nb0i on the Cold War subreddit page this past weekend. In the post, the user noted that they had discovered a new technique that players can use online that can eliminate the Black Ops Cold War sprint fire delay in matches.

In general, the Black Ops Cold War sprint fire delay is a feature that Treyarch has put into the game to keep it well-balanced. This is present in all Call of Duty games to date and is there in most other first-person shooters to help with everything.

The player can walk around the map, crouch, slide, and sprint when traversing the map. Walking around is slower than sprinting, of course, but has the added benefit of letting the player shoot at any point. However, there is a delay in place to keep sprinting in check.

When you are sprinting around the maps in Cold War, you will have your weapon down some as this is a realistic animation. But when you go to shoot from sprinting, there will be a short delay as the animation of you pulling your gun happens in real-time.

Sprint Fire Delay Is There to Balance the Game

This is there to be realistic and ensure that players are balanced across the gameplay. The person sprinting around will realistically take longer to react and pull the gun up to fire than the person just standing there or walking around slowly.

This is why there are many times that a player who is sprinting will instantly lose the fight with another player who they encounter who was not sprinting. The enemy can fire from the moment they see each other, gaining a slight advantage, which is enough to win the fight.

This can often be a frustrating feature in the game as it can spell the end of a life quickly if you are sprinting around without a care in the world or have an objective you are gunning for. But there is no doubt that it is necessary to keep the game balanced and fair for everyone.

However, what this Reddit user has figured out is a way to remove all of the delays from going from sprinting to firing in Black Ops Cold War so that you will be able to run around to your heart’s content and still be able to take out other players with ease.

How to Activate the Exploit

Essentially, the player needs to have a certain set of equipment to pull this feat off in actual gameplay. In the Reddit user case, they had the Semtex grenade and the Gung-Ho perk to make this happen. This combination allows the player to bypass the delayed feature.

What the player must do is take the Semtex grenade, or any of the other eligible explosives, and hold it in your hand as if you are going to throw it at any moment. While you are holding this grenade in your hand, you should be able to sprint around the map with no issue at all.

You will be able to eliminate the Black Ops Cold War sprint fire delay and have your gun ready the entire time you are sprinting. This allows you to instantly fire at enemies even though you are running at the top speed possible in the game.

This was proven in the video clip that the Reddit user posted, showing them running around the map with the grenade in hand to activate the exploit and never having their gun lowered down like it usually is when you are sprinting, instead of walking around the map.

Pulling Off the Exploit Can Be a Little Tricky

This allowed them to sprint around at full speed and take out multiple bot enemies on the recently released Nuketown 84 map. There is no delay once the player meets other opponents in the match and can take them out as soon as they see them.

This is a powerful exploit as it means that you can easily sprint around, reach enemies, take them out quickly, and keep moving without any delay or pausing needed. It is a rather easy exploit to use, too, since you only need that equipment in your loadout to make it happen.

The only tricky part is that players must hold down the grenade button to make this work while also sprinting around and having a finger free to push the trigger on the controller or keyboard to shoot at the enemies. It isn’t hard to pull off, but it could feel pretty awkward in practice.

Of course, the Semtex grenade isn’t the only one that you could equip as you can equip different equipment in that slot so long as it won’t explode on you after holding it for a time like the normal frag grenade will so feel free to use your tomahawk axe and so on as well.

That said, the Gung-Ho perk is required, so players should keep that in mind as you only have so many perk slots that you can use in your loadout. Thankfully, the Gung-Ho perk is one of the best around. This perk is necessary because it allows the player to fire your weapon and use equipment while sprinting around the map.

While this Black Ops Cold War sprint fire delay exploit will be useful on maps like Nuketown 84, it won’t work for every map. But it will be great for clearing out indoor sections, points, and the like, so players should prepare for this to be a popular issue until Treyarch fixes it for good.


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