Black Ops Cold War Content Will Reportedly Continue Past Vanguard’s Release

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 7th 2021

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is the fifth mainline Black Ops game and the 2020 entry in the long-running annualized first-person military shooter series. Given the title’s success and the breadth of Black Ops Cold War content to date, we may even see it continue to receive support for a long time to come. 

Black Ops Cold War Content Will Reportedly Continue

There are reports now that the Black Ops Cold War content will continue to be released long past the initial schedule that Treyarch and Activision have revealed. This comes from the known leaker Tom Henderson who has correctly revealed info about the Call of Duty franchise and other games in the past.  

Henderson recently revealed on Twitter that a source has claimed that Black Ops Cold War will be the “most supported Call of Duty title after its ‘cycle’ has ended” in the franchise’s history. That means even more than its predecessors like Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 2019, and Black Ops 3. 

The reason behind this sudden shift in the plans for the Black Ops Cold War content is supposedly since the post-launch revenue for the game is currently “exceeding expectations” that Activision had for it. This is great news overall for the community and the company alike. 

It is worth noting, of course, that we do not know who Henderson’s source is for this matter, so that is something that you should take with a grain of salt as it is unconfirmed at this time. That said, though, this could mean some solid news for the Black Ops Cold War content at this time. 

What We Know About the Original Plan

This is just a simple report, but one that could have some big ramifications on not just Black Ops Cold War but its successors like Call of Duty Vanguard and more. But to break that down, we need to understand what the original plan was going to be for the Black Ops Cold War content. 

What we know about at this time is that the original plan was for the game to have around six or so seasons in total of post-launch content, and we are in the middle of Season 4 right now. These seasons would be complete with new maps, game modes, and more in every one. 

Treyarch has jam-packed each season with midseasons and Reloaded updates that have happened in the past three seasons to date, bringing with them the second half of the content for that time. With all of that said, though, the Black Ops Cold War content was not originally going to be infinite, which is why the game likely has so much in every single season when compared to other online multiplayer service games. 

It was scheduled to be around for about a year of free content that would drop in the game to keep players engaged, and that was about it. At that point in time, which will be around November this year, we will see the next mainline game: Call of Duty Vanguard. 

That game will come with the release of its own set of new content that will likely include its seasons and connections to Call of Duty Warzone. The WWII sequel was supposed to see the end of the Black Ops Cold War content essentially as we know it. 

This Could Change the Future of Call of Duty Games

But if this report is true, this could mean a huge shift at Treyarch that will see the content for Cold War continue beyond the release of Vanguard. This could even mean that there will be two mainline Call of Duty games that will be getting new seasons, maps, Zombies locations, and more at the same time. 

This would be pretty unprecedented as the only case of this somewhat happening is the very limited new content that Modern Warfare 2019 has received since the launch of Cold War, which was not much besides the usual skins and the like. 

Furthermore, if this is proven successful, we could see a gradual change in how Activision handles post-launch content for all future Call of Duty games. Instead of just having one year of free additional content, we could see a year and a half or even two years become the new norm. 

Why This Reported Change Could Be Happening

As for why this is happening, it is likely due to the connections between Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone. With the battle royale game being so immensely popular and seemingly unstoppable, this has resulted in players buying the seasonal passes, purchasing additional, optional bundles in the store, and supporting both games at the same time. 

It is even likely that events like the recent 80s Action Heroes limited-time event could generate some more interest in both games at the same time. Regardless, this tells us that Activision sees enough value to continue the post-launch content for Cold War if this report is true. 

This brings us to what exactly this new content beyond the initial six seasons will look like. When everything is all said and done with the first year of content, Cold War will have around half or so of the original maps from Black Ops 2 remastered in it. 

This is a great place to continue from as we could see Treyarch dig back into the vault of Black Ops 2 maps and remaster the remaining six or seven that we will have left now. Furthermore, we could get more Zombies content, including perhaps some of the Black Ops 4 maps that fans are still hoping will be released in the future. 


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