Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty League Launch Pack DLC Now Available

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 17th 2020

Activision has revealed that Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is getting its first show of support for the Call of Duty League with a new in-game DLC pack. The Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty League Launch Pack of DLC is now available for purchase for fans of the popular esports league. 

Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty League Launch Pack Released

As the Call of Duty League gears up for its second season to start in likely around a month or so in 2021, it looks like the first tease is the new Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty League Launch Pack. 

Players can find this DLC pack full of cosmetic items available in the in-game store right now. As part of the Season 1 content that began earlier this week, we finally saw more sale items in the store. Thus far, that hasn’t been anything sold in the in-game store for the Cold War.

But that changed with the new season as new items and bundles are popping up like crazy there now, starting this week. This new Launch Pack representing the Call of Duty League is but one of them. It is an optional DLC pack that includes new cosmetic items for use in multiplayer and so on.

If you are a fan of the Call of Duty League and everything that happened this year while being ready for next year, then this Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty League Launch Pack is likely for you. Most players should find this in the in-game store today or soon. 

Call of Duty League Launch Pack Cost

At the time of the pack’s launch, it was only available in the PC version of the game for some odd reason. But it is coming to the PlayStation 4 and 5 versions, as well as all three of the Xbox versions, if it isn’t already there by the time you read this.

The Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty League Launch Pack costs 1000 Call of Duty points or around $10 to purchase. That is a fair amount. You do get a good number of cosmetic items in the bundle. The main star of the bundle is the two operator skins that you can pick up. 

These two operator skins are based around the Call of Duty League and showcase roughly the same character but with two different color schemes to choose from, depending on your preference. Fortunately, they are both in the bundle, so you can switch between them whenever you like. 

The general character looks like a normal person wearing a jersey and league outfit with a hat on their head plus some sunglasses and an excellent headset. For the most part, it is a pretty standard and sterile design that isn’t exceptionally great but nothing special either. 

What Comes in the Launch Pack Bundle

They come in two colors, black and white, with one mainly focusing on a white outfit with black accents and the other primarily having a black outfit with some white lines and accents. Though these are the bundle’s main parts, they aren’t the only thing that you can get in this Launch Pack.

In addition to the two operator skins, you will also get two calling cards: the Ego Chall one and the It’s My Year calling card, the latter of which is something that many of us could use right now. You get three emblems as well: Run It Back, Get That Bag, and Free Agent. 

Finally, the Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty League Launch Pack comes with five weapon stickers that you can put on your guns, including the Main, Sub, Flex, Slayer, and Camper ones. All in all, it is a decent bundle for a fair price that matches what you pay for it.

It’s a solid bundle but missing the popular Call of Duty League teams’ specific branding. It feels generic in this way, especially when there are already Modern Warfare league skins where you can represent your favorite teams. 

More Call of Duty League Skins Are Likely Coming Soon

It could be that this is just the teaser for what is to come later on next year once the 2021 season gets started. Until then, this little bundle is a welcome one that shows that more is likely on the way next year. If anything, this could be here to tie us over until the real skins arrive in 2021. 

While the skins that were released earlier this year for Modern Warfare could be repurposed for the Cold War engine, there are two main issues with OpTic Chicago and the LA Thieves. Both teams are undergoing new branding and significant changes, so they are likely not ready for Cold War skins at this time.  

We also hope that these new cosmetic skins are the prelude to what’s to come in the next few weeks as details regarding the Call of Duty League are still relatively unknown at this time. We know that it will use Black Ops Cold War, be four on four, and likely have no in-person audiences, but no schedule or event announcements are known at this time. Stay tuned for those announcements soon. 


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