Black Ops Cold War Beta Leak Reportedly Reveals New Maps

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 5th 2020

Activision will begin the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta (at least for some players) in less than a week, so, understandably, information about it would be revealed early. A Black Ops Cold War beta leak has reportedly unveiled new maps for the game earlier than expected.

Black Ops Cold War Beta Leak Reveals New Maps and More

The leak this time around comes from the Twitter user BKTOOR (via Dexerto), who posted about the game’s backend files reportedly leaked. What is odd about this leak is that the user has gone through the game’s files and found lots of leaks for the upcoming Call of Duty title.

Many spoilers were involved with this leak as they reportedly found not just maps that will be in the game but every single cutscene featured in the main singleplayer campaign developed by Raven Software. Fortunately, they haven’t shown off all of the cinematics just yet.

Given how spoilery the cutscenes for the Black Ops Cold War story campaign would be, we will focus on the news that surrounds this leak outside of that. The Black Ops Cold War beta leak also reveals what maps will likely be part of the beta test this upcoming weekend.

The files list off various locations that will likely be multiplayer maps. There are names in the list that we already know about from the alpha that happened a few weeks ago while there are other names that are currently unheard of and could potentially be new maps.

Six Multiplayer Maps Are Leaked in the Files

There are six multiplayer maps named through this leak for the Black Ops Cold War beta. Of those six names, only some of them are already known. Those are the Miami, Moscow, and Satellite maps, all three of which were normal six on six alpha test maps.

Two more maps could be referring to the other two maps in the alpha test: Black Sea and Tundra. They certainly sound like the Armada and Crossroads map also available in the alpha as part of the Combined Arms game mode.

However, it isn’t sure that those are the same multiplayer maps, but we could see them as codenames for the game’s backend locations. Crossroads took place in a snowy region, so the Tundra name could be referring to it.

Meanwhile, the Black Sea could be referring to Armada, the map across different ships sailing on the ocean. It depends on the boats’ location as to whether or not the Black Sea is the same map or not, but we shall see.

Cartel Seemingly Remains the Sole Unannounced Map

When you remove those map names from the list, that leaves one map left over that could be entirely new and unannounced at this time. That map is the Cartel map that seems to be an entirely new one. With only those six maps on the list, it seems that these are the areas that will be part of the beta test.

It makes sense since the alpha test had five maps in total that players could check out. The three multiplayer maps of Miami, Moscow, and Satellite were available for the standard six on six matches of Team Deathmatch, Domination, and so on.

Then two more maps were only used for the new Combined Arms: Domination game mode. Those maps were Crossroads and Armada, and they were much larger than the usual map size that we are used to in a Black Ops game.

We fully expect the beta test that is coming up to, at the very least, match the amount of content that was available in the alpha, if not surpass it. It would make sense to keep what was available from before and then add maybe one new map for everyone to check out, too.

Zombies Maps Possibly Leak as Well

That new map is likely the Cartel one that could take place in a variety of locations. We know that the Black Ops Cold War story will take players to lots of different settings in the 1980s, so we will have to wait and see what it is all about this weekend.

In addition to multiplayer maps, two maps are shown at the bottom with the “WZ” tag, instead of the MP for multiplayer tag. This could indicate that they are Zombies maps. They are the DOA and Forest maps with their loading movies included.

DOA likely stands for dead on arrival while the Forest map name is vaguer. They both sound pretty creepy and could work as some of the Zombies maps in Black Ops Cold War. At this time, we only know about the remake of Nacht der Untoten that will be the focal point of the new undead story.

While it will be a month before we likely find out about these new Zombies maps, it is less than a week from now that we will find out about the Cartel, Black Sea, Tundra, and other multiplayer maps. The beta test is scheduled to begin this week on Thursday, Oct. 8.

Black Ops Cold War Beta Dates

From Oct. 8-9, those players on PS4 only who have pre-ordered the game or have a beta code will be able to check out the PS4 beta before the Xbox One and PC platforms. Then, from Oct. 10-12, everyone on PS4 with or without a pre-order will be able to check it out.

The following weekend will be the crossplay beta where all three platforms will be able to check out the game from Oct. 15-16 (only for early access players on Xbox One and PC) and then Oct. 17-19 for everyone on all platforms.


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