Black Ops Cold War and Warzone CARV 2 Released: How to Unlock It

by in Call of Duty | May, 7th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have a new weapon that has been introduced for them during this third season connecting the two games. The new Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 rifle is here to stay and it potentially looks to change up the meta some in multiplayer. 

Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 Released in Season 3

The Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 rifle has been released as the latest bit of content to drop in season 3. This season already got its first few weapons at the beginning of the season with its launch and now Treyarch is doling out some more content for players to check out with this gun. This gun joins the new sniper rifle, PPSh-41 SMG, and the long-awaited return of the ballistic knife that we saw release at the very beginning of the season. They are far from the only weapons that are going to be in this season as Treyarch promises a grand total of six this time around. 

With the release of the Black Ops Cold War CARV 2, we are now one step closer to getting all of the new guns and melee weapons in this latest season of content. More importantly, it looks to be a weapon that is potentially going to reshape the meta for both Warzone and Cold War. Thus far, it does seem like the CARV 2 is going to be one of the most popular weapons possibly in both of these titles as it has some rather impressive stats and usage in battle. It also fills a necessary gap that has been missing from the weapon pool so far in the latest mainline Call of Duty game. 

CARV 2 Details

The Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 falls into the tactical rifle category of weapons in both games, meaning that it is right there in the middle of being a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. What is interesting about this weapon, though, is that it is a burst fire tactical rifle. This is something that is only seen in a few weapons in Cold War at this point in time and they aren’t always the most favorable guns in the game. The M16 is probably the most notable one at this time but even it is less favored compared to other weapons in its category. 

The burst rifle is described by the game as having a moderate firepower with improved recoil control and a large ammo pool. It is most effective in the mid-to-long range fights. The stats are almost balanced, with an emphasis on speed and ammo that will make it very unique compared to other tactical rifles. It has an impressive ammo pool, too, for a tactical rifle with 45 rounds per magazine in its base form with three magazines given to the player. That is basically around 15 shots per magazine, since this will be a burst fire rifle. That is still a good amount, given that you could destroy players if those shots are accurate. 

That is one of the great aspects of the Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 in that it is a fairly accurate weapon as it is meant for longer ranges. Players who have a pretty accurate skill when it comes to firing weapons but likes something a little bit faster than the usual tactical rifle or sniper may feel at home with the CARV 2. 

How to Unlock the Cold War CARV 2

What is important to note about the Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 is that you need to unlock this weapon first in order to use it in Cold War and/or Warzone if you want it in your loadout. Unlike the PPSh-41, for instance, this is not a weapon that you can simply get by playing the game and progressing through this season’s battle pass.Instead, you are going to have to go through the in-game challenge that has been released if you would like to unlock this new burst tactical rifle. There is a single challenge that you must complete in order to unlock the CARV 2, but the mission itself is pretty long on its own and can take you a while. 

Furthermore, to make matters even more interesting, there are two different methods of unlocking the CARV 2 through challenges. There is one challenge per method but it just depends on whether or not you really like multiplayer/battle royale or if you prefer Zombies. This is one of the first times that we have ever seen Treyarch handle a new weapon in this way in Black Ops Cold War, allowing players who are Zombies fans to unlock a weapon for free that way if they so choose. This is great since it gives choice and freedom as some players only play Zombies and that’s it. 

It also emphasizes that this weapon may be a great one for the undead horde-focused section of Cold War, so Zombies fans may want to check this tactical rifle out soon. To help you with unlocking the Black Ops Cold War CARV 2, we are going to go over both challenges and how to complete them. 

CARV 2 Challenges and Tips

First off, let’s begin with those players who want to go the traditional route and simply unlock the Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 through either multiplayer matches or battle royale ones in Warzone. The general idea is the same, and you can find the single mission below:

  • Get two rapid kills or more on players in 10 different matches in Cold War or Warzone with tactical rifles.

And that is it. So, the general idea is that you need to go into 10 different matches and then get two double kills or more. This means that you don’t just have to limit yourself to double kills as you can get triples, squad wipes, and so on, so long as it is two rapid kills or more in a row. 

This needs to be done in 10 different matches in total and the requirement is that you must get these double kills or better with a tactical rifle. No other weapon type will count for this quest, so be sure to equip your favorite tactical rifle at this time and then use that to get these double kills. Overall, this isn’t too hard of a challenge but there are a couple of key points that you should remember when trying to do this. For one, you need to complete the 10 matches that you do, so no leaving them early just because you were able to get your double kill quickly. 

You need to finish out the match, so this could make doing this in Warzone a lengthy endeavor, especially if you survive for a while. Alternatively, you could do this in Cold War in the game modes that have a lot of players like Combined Arms, so you have the chance of getting double kills more easily. But that can also up the competition, so keep that in mind. However, if you are someone who doesn’t want to unlock this new tactical rifle in normal multiplayer or battle royale matches, you also have the option of doing it in battle royale. The problem here, though, is that there is a different challenge entirely and it is a potentially harder one. 

In the Zombies version, you need to get 250 long shot kills in total using the tactical rifles. Long shot is that you have, well, a very long shot and you need to do this 250 times. Getting long shot kills isn’t too hard, especially in Zombies, with a tactical rifle, but the problem here is that you have to do 250. That could take you much longer than it would to do 10 quick matches of multiplayer and make sure to get double kills in each of them. It really depends on the player, so be sure to find the area that you are best at and just focus on the mission that is available there. 

Alternative Way of Unlocking

Fortunately, there is an alternative way of unlocking the Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 at this time. Like other weapons that are available through a challenge, there is a quicker and easier way of getting this rifle, but it is going to cost you. Unlike the other methods of unlocking this tactical rifle, this way is going to require you to spend some cash or currency in the process. Right now, there is a bundle in the Black Ops Cold War store that is known as the Plastik Prototype bundle. 

It costs 1200 points, which is around $12 USD, and with it, you are able to get the first legendary weapon blueprint for the Black Ops Cold War CARV 2. This is the Konsole blueprint and you will also get the Lazer Gun emblem, brick charm, launch control sticker, and one tier skip for the battle pass. You get a decent amount of items in this bundle that can make it worth it if you really like the idea of a new burst fire tactical rifle that could potentially be the best one yet in the category. This is by far the easiest way of unlocking this weapon in the game and the bundle isn’t too pricey, to boot. 

Of course, that all depends on whether or not you want to spend your hard-earned cash and currency for this bundle to take the shortcut. But if you are someone with not a ton of time on your hands to complete 10 matches just for a new gun, it might be worth going this route. 

Could the CARV 2 Shift Meta?

Finally, one aspect that might be on some players’ minds is whether or not the Black Ops Cold War CARV 2 will change the current meta. This is a tough question to answer, but we have found that most new guns in Cold War thus far have changed up the meta in one way or another. Guns like the LC 10, Mac 10, and more have been considerable additions that will show up in the multiplayer and battle royale matches pretty often as a lot of players will use them. Even more so, they are typically pretty powerful weapons that are better than many of the original ones. 

We imagine that the CARV 2 is going to be one of the standout tactical rifles in the game and one of the best as well. If you like burst fire weapons, it is worth checking it out as it will probably be the best of that class. But if you do not like burst fire, it is probably not going to be for you. That said, as one of the best in the business, it could change up the meta of normal multiplayer matches quite a bit. We imagine that you are going to see this quite a lot in Cold War from now on, especially in those larger matches like Combined Arms and the multi-team Fireteam game modes.

In addition, depending on how well the long-range nature of this rifle is, you could very well see it dominate the Warzone meta, as well as that, would be an exceptional addition there. With the emphasis on Zombies this time around, too, it is even possible that we will see this gun be a preferred weapon in that game mode. Where you won’t see the CARV 2, though, is in the case of League Play. The Cold War ranked mode does not allow any tactical rifles at all in its matches, so you will not be able to use it there. That could diminish some of the value of the weapon overall, but we still expect it to be pretty popular everywhere else. 


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