Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes Event Begins

by in Call of Duty | May, 20th 2021

The latest update for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is here. It brings with it a limited-time event unlike any other in the series thus far. The Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes event is live, including some surprising guests in the game, plus some extra new content to enjoy. 

Cold War Season 3 Reloaded Update Brings New Event

The Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes event arrives with the launch of the Season 3 Reloaded update that we mentioned previously. This update was a key one for the game, introducing new maps, game modes, weapons, and much more in the middle of the current third season. 

It’s a pretty massive update for one that is right in the middle of a season, rather than starting a brand new one. With only around a month or so left until the start of the fourth season of content, players will be able to enjoy everything that it has to offer while still completing the third season. 

But one of the most important parts of this midseason update for Season 3 is that it brings the biggest and greatest limited-time event to date in Cold War: Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes. This event is what it sounds like; celebrating the action heroes of the 1980s. 

In particular, this is the first major crossover event that we have seen for the game, taking full advantage of the time in which this game is set to introduce some guests to the Call of Duty franchise that fits right in with the aesthetic that Treyarch is going for. Here’s everything that you need to know about this Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes event. 

Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes Event Details

The Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes event, which is the first major crossover event in the game, features two different guest characters from popular movie franchises. The Die Hard and Rambo film series are represented in this event, coming together to celebrate a great time for action movies. 

As Cold War and now Warzone are set in the 1980s, it only makes sense to pay homage to some of the classic action-packed movies from that decade that fit in well with the Call of Duty series. We have both some content from Rambo and Die Hard to enjoy for a limited time to celebrate. 

The event is only scheduled to go on for about two weeks, starting today, Thursday, May 20, so that isn’t a lot of time at all to enjoy everything offered. Treyarch should have just kept it around until the end of the current third season. 

Both Die Hard and Rambo represent some of the most exciting and bloody movie series of all time with a heavy focus on militaristic-like action, so it makes sense to have them. As one of the first major crossover events in Cold War, Treyarch has gone all out regarding the available content. 

The event includes new characters to collect and use in matches, new map locations to explore, new game modes to check out for a limited time, and much more. It isn’t just related to Cold War, either, as Warzone fans will find quite a lot to love in this event as well. 

Rambo and Die Hard Store Bundles

It all starts with the two new operators and bundles that have dropped in the store for this event. In both Cold War and Warzone, players will be able to navigate to the in-game store now and find the two special event bundles here for a while. 

The first of these is the Rambo operator bundle. While the event will only stick around for a little while, the Rambo bundle is available until June 18, so there is that at least. This bundle includes the famous Sylvester Stallone-played character in his iconic shirtless look. 

It’s based on his look during his time in Vietnam, in which he is trying to locate prisoners of war in the country and save them. If successful in his mission, the President will grant him a pardon for the murder charges given. 

Rambo: Last Blood Part 2 is the movie that put the series on the map and made the titular character one of the most iconic action heroes ever created. Now, you can play as him in Cold War and Warzone when you pick up this bundle. 

It includes the legendary operator plus some other goodies, like two finishing moves (one uses his signature bow and arrow), three legendary weapon blueprints, a legendary calling card, emblem, an epic watch, and a charm. 

The three legendary blueprints include one for an assault rifle, an LMG, and a knife. The other special bundle in this event is the Die Hard bundle. This one comes with the New York cop John McClane who has found himself fighting for his life in a party that has gone wrong. 

You will be able to collect John McClane in his Die Hard bundle alongside some other goodies. Besides his operator skin, you will also get a finishing move, three legendary weapon blueprints, a legendary calling card, emblem, watch, and a weapon charm. 

The three weapon blueprints, in this case, are for a tactical rifle, SMG, and an AR. Both of these iconic event bundles will set you back 2400 points each, which is around $24. That is a lot for just one bundle, as you’re looking at nearly $50 if you want to pick up both. They’re pretty expensive compared to other bundles, but you can earn some free points through the battle pass to offset this. 

New Warzone Map Locations and Content

It isn’t just Cold War that can benefit from this special limited-time event as there is a lot of Warzone content, too, besides just being able to run around as Rambo and John McClane. The battle royale title has several new points of interest inspired by the two respective movie series on the map. 

Verdansk 84 is sporting its new retro style, and now there are new movie locations here for a limited time. The first of these is the Nakatomi Plaza that you can find in the Downtown area of the Verdansk map. This is the headquarters of the Nakatomi Corporation, moving from LA, where it was in the Die Hard movie, to Verdansk’s Downtown City Center. 

The huge corporate tower is the largest building that you will find on the entire map at this time. In fact, because of how big it is, it has effectively replaced the Broadcast Tower and the other surrounding blocks on the south side of the Downtown area. 

There are five floors to this towering building that you will be able to explore in the middle of matches for loot and the like. This tower is also home to several optional missions that you can complete in matches to earn rewards, like exploring the supply boxes in the tower, detonating C4 on the roof, and interrupting an arms deal that is happening there. 

But one of the most important aspects of the Nakatomi Plaza is a vault where you can pull off the high stakes crime that has never been committed before: stealing from it. There are riches inside worth getting, but you will have to fight through the other players trying to do the same. 

Rambo inspires the second of these new areas that you can visit on Verdansk 84. There are 10 survival camps that you will find on the map, spread throughout the battle royale destination. The numerous campsites that you already know about have been converted into these survival ones. 

They’re paying homage to the camps that were seen in Rambo: First Blood Part 2. Visit any of these survival camps. You will be able to find some solid loot or even some dog tags of fallen comrades. Pick up enough of these in matches, and you can complete a challenge for some extra rewards. 

The final new point of interest is the CIA Outpost area. This is where the agents are trying to strategize how to track down Rambo. This new outpost is in one of the aircraft hangars in the northwest sector of Verdansk 84. 

The home base for the agents also includes field operatives looking to get the identification of the fallen soldiers on the map. If they get enough of these, players might bring in some air reinforcements and possibly decimate some enemies in the process. 

Lastly, for Warzone, this event includes a new game mode that you will be able to check out in battle royale. Power Grab is the new limited-time mode. It includes those Hollywood-level action movie vibes. It takes 100 players with different squad options available and sets them in a special hardcore mode. 

The circle at the start of the match will be smaller than you are used to for intensifying the action. It will only have five stages in total. Furthermore, there is no Gulag in this match, so you will have to use alternative reviving teammates. 

You can buy their revives through the Buy Station or collect enough dog tags to bring them back. It’s similar to Kill Confirmed in that every player eliminated drops a dog tag or finds them as rewards for the contracts you do on the map. 

Also, getting more dog tags will grant you possible rewards in the middle of the match, like a UAV streak, Respawn token, and more. With all of these additions in place, it will make the battle to be the last squad or player standing even crazier than usual. 

Die Hardpoint and Rambo’s Gun Game Explained

Two new game modes are coming in the Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes, one this week and another next week. First up is the Die Hard-inspired one known as Die Hardpoint. In this mode, it’s a special version of Hardpoint where you have a Cranked-like twist. 

The goal is only to get 200 points here from capturing and defending the various points on the map. However, the twist is that you will get a movement speed buff when you capture a Hardpoint on the map. At the same time, a timer will begin with 30 seconds on the clock. 

When the timer runs out, you explode and die in a bloody fashion. However, you can stop the timer by defending the point of extending it by 15 seconds for each of the kills you get (up to a max of 30 seconds). Better yet, getting more kills will grant you up to four more buffs in the match, including stats boosts to your weapon handling, ADS speed, and more. 

The other game mode is a free-for-all one that is known as Rambo’s Gun Game. Like the original Gun Game, players try to be the first to get a kill with all 20 of the different weapons on the list. In this special version, there are new crazy weapons that are joining the fight. 

These new weapons include the Combat Bow, War Machine, RPG-7, and the Death Machine. Also, players will get the stimshot to help you keep in the fight for longer. In the end, the goal is still the same, though: be the first player to get a kill with the final weapon, which is the ballistic knife. 


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