Bjergsen Rumored to Once Again Start for TSM FTX in 2022

by in League of Legends | Sep, 27th 2021

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Danish legend Søren”‘Bjergsen” Bjerg will once again don TSM FTX’s black and white jersey for 2022. This, in short, should really come as no surprise — Bjergsen is synonymous with this age-old North American organization and has been its leader for what feels like an eternity.

His transition to coaching was quite impressive, but it seems that his drive to compete is still present which is presumably the only logical reason as to why he’d want to return to pro play despite TSM FTX already having a spectacular mid laner in Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage.

TSM FTX Bjergsen (@Bjergsen) | Twitter
Could Bjergsen be returning to TSM’s starting line-up? (credit Bjergsen)

And, well, it’s fair to say that he’s still in his prime.

In fact, Bjergsen sort of retired on a “high note” — his last season was absolutely spectacular on an individual level, which is why his decision to become a coach caught everyone off guard. On the one hand, it made all the sense in the world given the kind of player and person he is. On the other, his play hadn’t deteriorated much (if at all) when compared to his prime, and it seemed nigh impossible for TSM FTX to find a suitable replacement, someone who’d fill in such a tremendous void.

Fortunately, PowerOfEvil was more than willing to step up and deliver in spite of an otherworldly amount of pressure. Where he’ll go next still remains to be seen, but this talented German native should have no shortage of options after knocking it out of the park.

2022 — A Shot at Redemption

TSM FTX’s 2021 season was by no means unimpressive. They hovered near the very top of the region, had a bunch of exceptional games, had grown immensely throughout the year, and defied the odds on more than one occasion. So the mere fact that they failed to qualify for 2021 Worlds should by no means diminish their valiant efforts.

It just wasn’t meant to be.

With Bjergsen aboard, however, we could very well see the dominant TSM FTX of old; whether that’ll truly happen in 2022 still remains to be seen, but the odds are certainly stacked in their favor!


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