Bjergsen Rumored Return to Pro Play: Is It Real?

by in League of Legends | Sep, 13th 2021

In 2020, a legend dropped out of the LCS. Bjergsen’s absence has been felt in the North American League of Legends scene. While Bjergsen remained in the scene as a coach for TSM, there’s no way for him to have the same impact he did as one of North America’s best players. He’s caught a fair bit of criticism considering that TSM didn’t make it to Worlds 2021, and it’d be safe to assume he isn’t happy with how TSM’s season ended. However, there are rumors going around that Bjergsen is planning to step away from coaching and will return to pro play.

Finding a Place

It’s hard to sum up Bjergsen’s legacy in any way other than saying he was the best mid laner in NA for years. TSM didn’t always take first, but Bjergsen was undisputed as the best mid regardless of how TSM’s split went. The LCS is generally looked down upon by other regions, and, to be fair, NA’s international track record is less than stellar. However, Bjergsen is a pro player that transcended those preconceptions and earned respect globally. Players like Perkz and Abbedage have been imported as European powerhouses, but neither player has managed to reach Bjergsen’s heights on TSM.

All that said, it’s difficult to imagine any role other than mid. Bjergsen’s been a mid laner since his 2012 pro play debut, and he’s been a highlight of any team he’s on due to how well he plays the role. However, PowerofEvil was a standout for TSM in both Spring and Summer. NA’s best rosters will be mixed up if Bjergsen does return to pro play, and there’s no way around it.

Cutting Ties

Bjergsen has been a part of TSM for almost 8 years, and, as of October 2019, he assumed co-ownership of the organization. So, in order for Bjergsen to move to another team, Bjergsen would have to give up that co-ownership and sell his stake in TSM. However, if he chooses to stick with TSM, that would mean the end of PowerofEvil’s position on TSM’s roster. No matter how Bjergsen returns to pro play, it’ll have a massive impact on the League of Legends competitive scene as a whole.

To be clear, Bjergsen’s move is still a rumor at this point in time. Bjergsen hasn’t said anything himself, and, despite several sources reporting the possibility of this move, it’s still a developing story. Also, Bjergsen’s co-ownership of TSM will make his return a messy one.  However, it seems like people are keen on Bjergsen’s return to pro play. Bjergsen’s legacy has left its mark on League of Legends’ history, and it seems like his story as a pro player may not be over yet.


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