Bjergsen Re-Signs with TSM, Gains Partial Ownership in Team

by in League of Legends | Oct, 14th 2019

Rumors have been flying since Team SoloMid (TSM) failed again to make Worlds that Bjergsen would be leaving the team in the offseason for 100Thieves or heading back to Europe.

Bjergsen Re-Signs with TSM

While a change of scenery would do for most players after the saga Bjerg has had these last two years, Bjerg is determined to end his career with the team. TSM officially announced today that Bjergsen had re-signed for a two-year contract and gained partial ownership of the org.

The move makes Bjergsen one of the few player-owners in esports. He’s also one of the only ones to grace the League after former Cloud9-player Hai, who had some ownership back when he played for the squad before forgoing it after moving on to FlyQuest.

As Bjergsen re-signs with TSM he is now in a position to end his playing career at TSM before transitioning to an alternative role in the company. Whether he retires after the initial two years on the contract is up is currently unknown.

While TSM fans had expected their long-time mid laner would re-sign for the org, none expected he’d get an ownership stake in the company, something past stars on the team failed to garner themselves.

Speaking to the Washington Post about the re-signing, Bjersen stated,

“It felt like a natural progression in my relationship with TSM. There were a lot of details to go over and we worked closely with Riot over the course of the year to set up rules and guidelines because this move sets a precedent for other players to follow.”

A Big Step for Bjerg, a Huge Step for Players

It’s not uncommon for former pros to get some stake in their company after retiring. But, it’s rare for them to earn that while still on the team, especially once a sport/esport is franchised.

For Bjergsen to get that deal with TSM clearly shows how dedicated he is to the org and its long-term future. Given his skill and knowledge of the game and what players need to do, this only sets TSM up for major success going forward.

If Bjergsen can focus on the League side of the team while Reginald handles the business side, the Yankees of esports could soon find themselves back atop the League.

Even bigger, though, his massive brand and being so well known in the community will make him a great ambassador for the org even after he retires from play. So, tying him down with that ownership is going to pay off majorly for TSM down the line.

Whether or not they succeed next year, however, will be entirely up to what roster they manage to build.


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