BIG Enters Valorant With CSGO Veteran Gob B, More

by in CS:GO | Jul, 20th 2020

Fatih “gob b” Dayik has retired from working in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has instead transitioned to the head of the new Valorant division for Berlin International Gaming. 

Valorant Going BIG in Germany

Valorant has been one of the hottest esports titles for many organizations, and for BIG it’s no exception. They have become the latest team in esports to announce their new division, not even waiting for a full team so they can be a part of the biggest wave of teams to join a new game since Overwatch. 

“We have been working on our expansion into Valorant for many months now. Since the announcement last year, we saw great potential, not only for BIG but also for the esports industry in general. Therefore I am pleased that we can present our project to the public today,” Daniel Finkler, CEO at BIG said in a statement.  “With Fatih “Gob B” Dayik we have an absolute FPS legend in the team, and I am happy that he is leading our project. The goal is clear: As in other titles, we want to be the best German team in Valorant, and I am optimistic that we will achieve that. #GOBIG”

Team Liquid, Complexity, and Envy all also announced their intentions to go into competitive Valorant this week, so this announcement comes not a moment too soon. And they have some experienced firepower that they’re bringing into this new team. 

Gob B’s New Role

Gob b, who retired from CSGO last year, joining up with the Valorant division of BIG should give them something of a leg up on the competition as he is not only an experienced pro, but coach as well, and should serve the team well in scouting for new talent to complete their roster. The team’s release even specified this as Gob B is said to being over his “expertise and leadership to build and refine Valorant talent into a world-class team.” 

The first recruit for the new team is Alexander “AlexRr” Frisch, who is said to be a household name in German esports. 

“As you know, I have been playing a lot of Valorant lately. It surprised me how much I am enjoying it, so I decided to play it in a competitive fashion,” gob b said in a statement. “I am very grateful to play with such talented players who trust me to be their captain. I know it will take some time, but you guys know me for my dedication to the game and my goals. I will do the same here with all my heart. I hope you guys will support us as you did my whole career. It’s not something that was planned in advance, it just feels right. Let’s also be #GEMEINSAM in Valorant!”

The First New Game for BIG

Berlin International Gaming, or BIG for short, has always been a CSGO clan first and foremost. The company began when it was formed by once NRG players Fatih “Gob B” Dayik, Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninić and Johannes “TabseN” Wodarz, and made a huge splash in CSGO. Their CSGO division has even been ranked #1 in the world for the past two HLTV rankings, and while many have questioned whether or not this ranking is legitimate due to it being based on online matches in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s still quite the upstart from the German organization.

The team has managed many impressive feats in their time in the industry, after they made their debut being sponsored and partially funded by esports bookmaker Unikrn. 

Valorant is the first new game in their repertoire after nearly two years in the CSGO scene only. This is somewhat of a departure for most CSGO only orgs, who tend to stay in the Valve ecosystem at least at first before expanding to other games.

The similarities between Valorant and CSGO are likely to blame for this, with a lot of the same mechanics being required for a player to be good at both titles. It also then stands to reason that recognizing talent and building a team might take a lot of the same talents. 


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