Big Boss Pine Makes His Return to the Overwatch League With Dallas Fuel

by in Overwatch | May, 11th 2021

It’s official: Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon will not only be making his grand return to the Overwatch League, but he’ll be doing so under the Dallas Fuel banner! Talk about an exciting bit of news! This, in short, is incredible for those who’ve watched the Overwatch League from the very beginning, as Pine’s plays and mechanical prowess still linger in our minds all these years later. 

If you can think of a hyperbole or a superlative, odds are, they can be applied to “Big Boss” Pine and his staggering performances. Whenever Pine played to the best of his ability, he had no equal. The things he pulled off are still, to this day, some of the flashiest and most mind-blowing plays in Overwatch League history. And, well, that’s saying something given just how many exquisite players (DPS, especially) have left a mark over the years

His aim and accuracy could seemingly bend the rules of the game. You’d think he was cheating if he wasn’t playing right in front of a live audience — Pine was that good. 

Will He Live Up to the Hype?

It’s no secret that Pine’s immense success and rise to fame affected his confidence — the pressure to perform took too big of a toll which, in turn, pushed him into early retirement. It was as if he flew too close to the sun and was punished for his “hubris.” Fortunately, his streaming career was highlighted with equally impressive plays and jaw-dropping moments of brilliance for which this seasoned DPS prodigy became so well known for. 

Most folks expect quite a lot from Pine in the future, which may or may not affect his performance. Regardless, if he’s been able to sort things out mentally, he will undoubtedly rise to stardom (and in record time, too). 

To make matters even more interesting, Pine will be making his return under the Dallas Fuel banner. If you didn’t manage to catch any Overwatch League action recently, you’d probably be surprised to find out that Dallas is the de facto best team in the world right now — a mind-boggling twist, no doubt. Not only have they managed to win their first-ever tournament (May Melee), but they went through the who’s who of competitive Overwatch to do so: Los Angeles Gladiators, San Francisco Shock, Houston Outlaws, Chengdu Hunters, and even the Shanghai Dragons (twice). 

As a result, Dallas erased all doubt: they’re the best and most dangerous team in the Overwatch League. How long they’ll be able to maintain this prestigious position remains to be seen. Still, it’s impossible not to be awed by their staggering performances and the fervor with which they play every single time they spawn. Eui-Seok “Fearless” Lee, in particular, has been playing like a man possessed and is undoubtedly the best and most impactful main tank in the League right now. And his Winston? Out of this world

The fact that they’ll now have one of the most respected and feared hitscan players in OWL history by their side in Pine will only bolster their chances of defending their throne in the upcoming June Joust. Either way, he’s a spectacular addition to an already stellar roster packed with exceptionally talented players, most of which are only now starting to peak. 

The 2021 season of the Overwatch League has been downright spectacular so far, and it’s only going to get better and better with the grand (and pretty unexpected) return of “Big Boss” Pine!


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