Berlin Major Upsets, Sunny Confirmed, Friber Denied, More – CS:GO Daily Recap 8/23/2019

by in CS:GO | Aug, 23rd 2019

Welcome back everyone to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Today we’ve got a look at some of the early upsets at the Berlin Major, more on ENCE’s roster changes, an update on the rumors of Friberg to Fnatic, and much more.

As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s dive on in.

Upsets in Berlin

Our first stop today is over to Berlin, where the Starladder Major has finally gotten underway with some surprising upsets in the New Challengers Stage.

World number two Vitality and number six NRG have both faced major upsets against their opponents Syman Gaming and DreamEaters, respectively.

NRG’s match against DreamEaters was an insane nail-biter, going all the way to overtime before the Russian team finally put the recently rebranded American squad to rest 19-17.

While that alone would have made the first day of the Major a noteworthy piece to talk about, the shocking upset of Vitality by Syman will make this one to remember.

The match was an absolute stomp by the Khazakstani team with the squad holding Vitality to only five rounds in their first half on CT-side before putting it away on T-side for a bombshell 16-8 win.

Upsets in best-of-ones aren’t that unusual, but against a team that’s looked so good lately, it is rather surprising.

We’ll have to see tomorrow if Vitality truly just had a bad day or if teams have finally started figuring them out.

Friberg Denies Move to Fnatic, and ENCE Confirms Sunny

Speaking of the Major, let’s take a look at a team who failed to make it, Fnatic.

Yesterday, we reported on the team’s planned roster changes following their failure to make a Major for the first time.

While a couple of the changes were confirmed by the team in their AMA on Reddit, speculation ran rampant across the site and social media over rumors of Friberg, the legendary former-NiP entry fragger, joining the squad.

Those rumors were quickly squashed, however, as both JW on Twitter and Friberg on stream denied his pick-up for the squad.

While it would be great to see Fri on such a storied org again, Fnatic has made it very clear they’re looking for younger talent to spark the next generation of their success, so picking up someone whose been in the scene as long as he has wouldn’t make much sense.

Elsewhere in Europe, Finnish team ENCE has officially confirmed Sunny’s addition to their starting line-up, following the release of Aleksib following a decline in his motivation on the squad.

Whether the move will mark a turning point in the team’s recent struggles or spur a more rapid decline remains to be seen, but it is nice to see the team try and make some changes following their struggles at ESL One Cologne.

CS:GO Update 8/22

Our final story of the day takes us back to the CS:GO itself, as Valve has released a new update for the game.

The update is likely a response to the recent in-game exploits that have allowed abusers of it crash other players’ clients.

The bug had gotten bad enough that players were starting to avoid matchmaking, so it’s good to see Valve provide a quick fix for it.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading. We’ll be back next week with more CS:GO news, so stay tuned!


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