Beloved Soccer Icon Ronaldo Finds His New Career in Warzone Twitch

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 2nd 2021

It looks like two-time World Cup champion, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, is not just one of the greatest soccer players to ever exist, but apparently a quite good gamer as well. He recently started his Ronaldo Twitch account and it is already enjoying immense success in a short period of time.

Ronaldo Started His Own Twitch Account

Ronaldo is one of the most beloved soccer icons of all-time and the retired player has seemingly found his new career about 10 years after his tragic retirement. The 45-year old, three-time World Player of the Year is on Twitch now and is already making waves as one of the most popular around.

The Ronaldo Twitch just kicked off on November 25, which is only a few days ago, and is already amassing insane success with more than 150,000 followers and counting. While nowhere near the millions of other celebrities on Twitch, that is an impressive amount in just a few short days.

Ronaldo even has a pretty decent setup on his livestreams as well, with a nice gamer room and backdrop in the background. According to the data aggregate site, SullyGnome, it looks like the Ronaldo Twitch account is even in first place for the most number of followers gained in the past week.

Furthermore, he has already streamed about 17 hours in total, with a very short period of time with two different categories of Twitch and the majority being with Call of Duty Warzone. Overall, the Ronaldo Twitch account is looking quite good right now, with only more to come in the future.

Ronaldo Has Been Mostly Streaming Warzone

There was a very short period of time when the former soccer all-star was playing Vanguard and about an hour in which he was also in the Just Chatting general category of Twitch. But, other than that, the entirety of his time online this past week has mostly been 16 hours with Warzone.

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Ronaldo looks to be as good at Warzone as he was at soccer

What is impressive about his time on Twitch is that he was averaging some unbelievable numbers for a new account, which is understandable given his status as an icon and one of the greatest athletes to ever walk the earth. During his time playing Vanguard, he was able to get almost 3,000 viewers on average.

While Just Chatting, he was able to accumulate more than 4,000 average viewers at once with a peak at around 7,100. That said, his time with Warzone is where he really experienced some insane success immediately with an average viewer count throughout all 16 hours of about 7,496 viewers most of the time.

His peak, though, was a very impressive 18,433 viewers and a total of 271,000 views so far in just streaming Warzone. Interestingly enough, while Ronaldo just now started streaming, it seems that he planned this quite a long time ago as he created the Ronaldo Twitch account on June 10, 2020.

Ronaldo Is a Pretty Good Warzone Player

Now, without a doubt, it is unsurprising that his new Twitch account is already finding success, but what about his actual skill in the Call of Duty battle royale game? Well, it just so happens that he seems to be quite talented at games, too, as he had some great moments during his streams.

During one particular moment in the stream, he and his teammates were in a tight position and found themselves up against a trio with only Ronaldo and his teammate left to fight them. His teammate was quickly taken down but it did not stop him from playing cool and strategic, just like he used to do on the pitch, and took down all three players with ease to bring his teammate back.

With this level of success already, it is likely that Ronaldo has been playing some Call of Duty Warzone before, potentially for a while since the launch of the battle royale game in spring 2020. With the upcoming first season of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific about to arrive with the Caldera map and much more, it is likely that we could see much more of him streaming online in the near future.

In fact, that could even be the reason that he is starting to really stream now, in possible preparation for the upcoming wave of new content on a level that Warzone has not seen since launch. In the meantime, Ronaldo has used his impressive reach as a champion to get some fantastic guests on his streams.

This includes the massive content creator Gaules and others who have already teamed up with Ronaldo in Warzone. In just his last stream alone, he was able to nab a Warzone victory on Rebirth Island where has been spending a lot of his streaming time.

At the conclusion of that stream, he was also near his goal on the screen of reaching 1000 subs, just shy of it at the time of writing this. That said, it is possible that he has gotten a few more subs in the last couple of days since his most recent stream.

At this time, there is no real schedule that he is adhering to, so interested fans should just follow him on social media, follow his Twitch account, and be sure to check regularly to see when he is online. If he is excited for the new Warzone Caldera map and other content like much of the community is right now, it is likely that we will see more of his streams in the next few days or so as the first season of Warzone and Vanguard is only just over a week away at this point in time.


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