Beat Saber Tops PSVR Charts For a Whole Year in Europe

by in General | Sep, 21st 2021

When it comes to PSVR games, the library of titles isn’t as big as something like the PCVR, but there’s a handful of titles that share platforms. Games like Rec Room allow players to hang out and play games built by other players. However, something like VR Chat, which uses a lot of intellectual properties, isn’t going to be available on the PlayStation Store. However, the PlayStation Store does have some VR games of their own. Astro Bost Rescue Mission, Resident Evil 7 VR, Hitman 3 VR, and even Blood and Truth. Although, aside from all these games, there’s one that’s stood the test of time, being the singular killer app that’s had PlayStation users picking up PSVR to see what all the fuss is about. This singular title is Beat Saber.

Slashing The Beat to The Top

The only game made by Beat Games, Beat Saber is a rhythm game putting the player on a stage, with laser swords. These swords are used to slice blocks to the beat of the music. While a simple game on paper, it’s more than enough to create a solid and addicting gameplay loop. This game has upon the PSVR charts at number one for an entire year in Europe, only being dethroned for a few weeks by Star Wars: Vader Immortal. Beat Saber isn’t going anywhere either, seeing that the game has managed to hold the number one spot with other mainstay games like Superhot VR and Gorn. The US isn’t far behind either, with Beat Saber’s US release having one more month to go before retaining the top spot for a whole year as well. Other titles that have been exclusives for the PSVR like Fracked, and even Arashi: Castle of Sin, haven’t been able to break the top ten for PSVR.

The most impressive part about all of this is that Beat Saber isn’t going to stop just yet, as more DLC for the game keeps being released. One of the biggest drawbacks of Beat Saber on PSVR compared to its PC counterpart is the fact that the game doesn’t come with the ability to install custom songs. This is due to the same reason why VR Chat isn’t able to come to the PSVR either, copyright law. With this in mind, Beat Games has to make DLC music packs keep the attention of players if they want to keep their numbers up. With the success of the title on PC, and in turn PSVR they’ve been able to pick up some massive names to come onto the game, even though it started as a music game focused on EDM.

The first DLC pack to come out for the game was Monstercat, a techno/EDM artist who’s been known for making music for other games like Rocket League, which also got its own music pack. With their first artist under their belt, they started setting their sights higher. Next, they worked with Imagine Dragons, putting their music into the game. After this, they managed to get their hands on Panic! At the Disco, followed by Green Day, Timbaland, Linkin Park, and even Kendrick Lamar.

With all of these massive artists under their belt, Beat Saber has become one of VR’s killer apps, being the reason that people will pick up a VR Headset, and with the PSVR being a more casual audience game. Players who want a PSVR already have a PlayStation, and with a cheap price, and the ability to use the PS Moves even if they’re the original model, they’ve been able to make an affordable headset with a substantial library. It’s no surprise something like Bear Saber has sat at the top spot in PSVR Title sales, without any interference.


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