Battlegrounds Mobile India Releases in Early Access for Everyone

by in PUBG Mobile | Jun, 21st 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new battle royale mobile game that many have been waiting for, and we are happy to announce that it is finally here. Released in early access, Battlegrounds Mobile India replaces PUBG Mobile that will fill the gap left by its unfortunate banning last year. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India Finally Releases

At the time of writing this, Battlegrounds Mobile India is out right now, and you can start downloading it through the Google Play Store in India. The early access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is only currently available for Android users, from what we can tell. 

Though the game is likely going to be coming to the iOS platform, it is only available in this form for Android users. Battlegrounds Mobile India is essentially the cleaned-up version of PUBG Mobile from Krafton to replace that mobile title in the country. 

After banning PUBG Mobile last year, Krafton struggled to find a good way to bring the game back into the country. Some options were tried, but the final solution seems to be this new game. It has changes associated with it to help with this fact. 

The notable changes that Battlegrounds Mobile India has compared to PUBG Mobile have to do with the more violent aspects of the mobile battle royale title. For one, the word “kill” is not going to be found in the game, with other choice words like defeated and finished being used instead. 

What Has Changed or Not Changed in Battlegrounds Mobile

Furthermore, this is a less bloody game since there is, well, no red blood at all that you will find here. The intense and frequently found blood in the original PUBG Mobile in India was something that was a great issue as it was quite violent, according to the government there. 

That said, much of the content that you will find in Battlegrounds Mobile is, by and large, what you found in PUBG Mobile. Despite the name change, this is pretty much the same mobile battle royale game, but with the censorship, changes to make sure that it is in line with the government in India. 

No matter what, the core gameplay has not changed in this new game with the same general idea, maps, and other content. You are still trying to hop onto one of the maps, like Erangel or Miramar, and be the last player or team standing at the end of the match. 

That is the same core concept and one that remains true even in the Battlegrounds form. This is the same for the other content as well, like the Arena game modes you can check out besides the standard battle royale-style matches. 

Free Early Access Items Given Away In-Game

For those players who hop into Battlegrounds Mobile India while it is in early access right now on Android, you will be able to get some special items as a welcome gift for the new game. Players in the early access period will be able to find one supply crate coupon, a double XP card, and a double BP card.  

If you check your in-game mail, you will be able to find all three of these free items available there for collecting. Again, be sure to download the game from the Google Play Store, and you should be good to go. However, some may have trouble finding the game on the Android store.

If that is the case, there are APK files already out there on places like APKMirror where you can manually download the file and then install it on your device. This is also great for those outside of India but would like to try out the new Battlegrounds game for themselves. 

What you will find, though, is that it may not even be worth checking out if you are outside of India since the game is, by and large, the same as PUBG Mobile. But perhaps if you do not like the violent aspects of PUBG Mobile, you may appreciate the lack of blood and other aggressive terms in the game. 

Players Can Connect Old PUBG Mobile Accounts to This Game

Furthermore, one of the best parts of the Battlegrounds Mobile India early access release is that you can retrieve your old PUBG Mobile account if it was linked to Facebook or Twitter previously. Using either social media accounts will allow you to bring back your account and items from the previous mobile game.

This is great news since it means that you will not have to go through the troubles of starting over from scratch and losing all of your hard-earned currency and items from PUBG Mobile. They were originally lost in the first place due to the banning of PUBG Mobile last year. 

PUBG Mobile was originally developed by Tencent, a massive Chinese game developer, and this was a problem in some countries. Couple that with the violence in the title. It was swiftly banned in India and other countries, too. 

Fortunately, South Korea-based publisher Krafton has been able to remove the violence from Battlegrounds Mobile India and make sure that Tencent has no involvement with this new version, ensuring that it is, hopefully, meeting the guidelines from the Indian government. 

Unfortunately, the release does not mean that it is good to go. When it comes to bans, they come after the game has already been released, so there is still the slim chance that it will be banned, too, in the future. But, hopefully, the changes in this new version and the lack of association with the PUBG Mobile name will help it stick around more permanently. 


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