Battlefield 2021 Details Revealed Alongside Mobile Game Announcement

by in General | Apr, 22nd 2021

The Battlefield series is one that many FPS fans and players have been waiting patiently to come back, and it looks like the wait is going to be over later this year. New details have been revealed for the Battlefield game 2021 and another surprising announcement that we didn’t expect. 

New Battlefield Game 2021 Details Revealed

In a blog post by EA and DICE, the Battlefield developer’s general manager Oskar Gabrielson revealed a lengthy letter to the community. In it, Gabrielson announced some new Battlefield game 2021 details, including the fact that it has the biggest team ever working on it. 

The development team includes the main DICE and DICE Los Angeles, Criterion (best known for the Need for Speed games in the past), EA Gothenburg, and Industrial Toys. As such, this huge team is crafting something really special that is coming fairly soon. 

In general, the main DICE team, the LA team, and Criterion are the main developers working on the shared vision for what the next mainline Battlefield experience is going to look like. Those development teams are supported by the EA Gothenburg team as well.

The Gothenburg team is working on taking the technology for the game to the “next level.” This blog post reiterated that the Battlefield game 2021 would be releasing this year sometime in the holiday season for both consoles and PC, though no specific console platforms were revealed at this time. 

What to Expect From the Next Battlefield Title

It seems like the development on the next Battlefield title is going well, as the current phase of the game is in playtesting mode. The game is being tested by players daily as the team works on polishing, balancing, and making the “best possible Battlefield game.”

Not too many details were revealed about the title, even though it is set to come out later this year. We know that it is meant to be a “bold step” in the franchise. In this, it will have everything that players know and love about the series from past entries. 

This includes the epic scale of the gameplay, the military warfare, unexpected moments (likely in the campaign), game-changing destruction, and huge battles. Those battles will be setting a new record for the series with the most players in the franchise to date. 

That is pretty insane, given that we have had hundreds of players before in stuff like Battlefield V’s battle royale game mode. It will be interesting to see how this works and how many players it will be. Furthermore, this will be brought to life with the power of the next-gen consoles and PCs. 

Full Reveal Is Coming Soon

This tells that it will likely be having at least a dedicated PS5 and Xbox Series version from what we can tell. The question remains: will it only be on the new consoles, or will it also be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One? This is something that we will have to wait and see about. 

The final detail about the yet unnamed Battlefield game 2021 is that it will have its full reveal “soon.” How soon? We imagine that this is going to happen within the next two months in either May or June. EA has been known to host a presence at E3 in the past few years, even if it is technically a separate event. 

With the return of E3 this summer in the same general June window that it is usually in, but with a fully online twist, likely, EA will also be coming back for its own EA Play shenanigans around that same time. We will likely finally get the full details about this new Battlefield game for holiday 2021 then. 

Battlefield Mobile Game Announced

In the meantime, we also got a special announcement for the series that is surprising and unsurprising. The Battlefield series is taking its gameplay to mobile in a bigger way than ever before. It has been years of prototyping and the final result is almost ready. 

In partnership between DICE and the developer Industrial Toys, a completely new Battlefield game is being developed specifically for smartphones and tablets. It is not coming out until 2022, probably since EA won’t want to pack this year with too many games in the series, but that is still fairly soon. 

This is not a port of any previous title in the series or even the upcoming one, but, rather, its own standalone game in the franchise. It is designed for the mobile platform and built from the ground up by Industrial Toys to make the true Battlefield experience for on-the-go play. 

Mobile Version Will Be a Full Battlefield Experience

This title will include a full-fledged experience that you would expect from the core Battlefield games with the skill-based gameplay necessary to succeed in it all packed in there. It is currently in its testing period ahead of next year’s launch, again telling us that it is probably a bit closer to release. 

No more details were revealed about this, but we presume that we will see the first gameplay footage of this title along with the core console and PC experience at E3 this year. In general, the announcement of a mobile Battlefield experience is not too surprising as many games are making the switch. 

Games like PUBG and the Call of Duty series have found immense success in releasing a mobile port or completely original game for mobile devices on Android and iOS. This is something that EA probably wants to get in on as well, so here’s hoping that it turns out great as a personal Battlefield fan myself. Stay tuned for more details on both of these games in the coming months. 


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