Battlefield 6 Unfinished Launch Trailer Leaked On Reddit

by in General | May, 28th 2021

It has been a few years since the last Battlefield game, Battlefield V was released, and while DICE has been hard at work on the next game in the FPS series, it seems that the Battlefield 6 launch trailer was leaked to the masses. While not an actual finalized trailer, What is shown on the video leaves little to the imagination about what’s coming next for the FPS juggernaut series.

The Leaks

The leak was posted on Reddit, seeing the trailer being played in a discord call, with the video being extremely choppy and flashing black very frequently. The leak if viewed, should not be seen by any player suffering from epilepsy. Regardless, the middle of the screen is blocked out by a black bar, and the iconic “LOL face” which was used in rage comics from 2008 and onward.

The video itself, however, showcases soldiers running along a beach attempting to stop a space shuttle from launching. Gunfire, yelling, helicopters flying around are also included in the trailer. However, when the soldiers manage to make it to the shuttle and it takes off, a massive storm arrives and destroys the shuttle. 

So what does this leak tell us about Battlefield 6? Although not much of the trailer can actually be seen, what can be gleamed from the trailer could mean a lot for the battlefield series. 

What the Leaks Could Mean

With all the leaks in mind, and under the impression that the leaks are in fact, real. A lot can be deciphered from the trailer, showing the direction of Battlefield as a series.

For one, the leak reveals the time that the game is going to be taking place. For this entry into the large-scale multiplayer FPS game, players will be netting foot in the near future. As the two previous titles in the battlefield series have taken place in World War 1 and World War 2 respectively. While Battlefield’s most popular iterations have been Battlefield 3 and 4, with the games taking place in the present day. Seeing more modern weapons and vehicles means that players are going to be experiencing the same types of locales that they were happy with all those years ago.

Another interesting piece of information from the leak shows that a new mechanic is going to be introduced to the battlefield series. Dynamic Weather. While battlefield 4 had the ability to blow up buildings, causing them to crumble and topple over. The Battlefield 6 leak seems to up the ante, with massive storms and weather formations become a huge environmental hazard for players of the game. Just as Just Cause 4 introduced the tornados to the world of their game, Battlefield 6 aims to make players not only fight against one another but fight against the world itself.

While the trailer seems promising for the series, one thing is for certain, the trailer is still a leak, and could be completely fabricated. Leaks of all kinds should be taken with a grain of salt, as they were obtained illegally and could be either unfinished, or untrue. In the case of the trailer, the video is supposedly from internal servers at DICE. 

Regardless, Battlefield 6 is being talked about yet again. Since Call of Duty has a game release every year, its direct competition, Battlefield has been nowhere to be seen since the release of Battlefield 5. Players can look forward to E3 however, as EA is set to make their appearance this June, meaning that if the trailer is real, its finished version will be coming to the show floor in a few short weeks.


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