Battlefield 2042 Will Not Launch With a Battle Royale

by in General | Jun, 16th 2021

The Battle Royale genre has continued to stay relevant in the FPS genre, but Battlefield 2042 will not launch with one! Warzone is one of the most popular games to play right now, and Fortnite revolutionized the genre in general in the FPS scene. Battlefield 2042 has a chance to knock CoD off the top spot of the current FPS games if it makes a huge splash. We haven’t seen a Battlefield in a while after all. We can officially confirm that Battlefield 2042 will not launch with a Battle Royale though. This was confirmed by an Associate Producer at DICE, Nickole Li. 

“It’s Something We’ll Have to See Down The Line.” – Nickole Li:

It’s surprising that Battlefield 2042 won’t start with a Battle Royale game though. Considering how huge the maps are, and given that multiplayer will feature 128 player lobbies, it would only make sense. Perhaps the reason for this is that the last-gen versions will have smaller lobbies. We’ve previously discussed this when talking about the potential of crossplay.

We know that Battlefield 2042 launches with three modes, and neither of them will be a Single-Player Campaign or a Battle Royale. That’s a bold decision for DICE, that’s for sure. There has to be a good reason for it though. They must be supremely confident in how good their multiplayer offerings are. There’s so much you can do with a Battle Royale in this game engine. We could use all of the awesome vehicles to make the system way more intense.

There’s been a lot of outcries though, and in particular, it’s come from Dr Disrespect. He’s pleaded with DICE in a recent video to make sure Battlefield 2042 does have a Battle Royale. He doesn’t think BR games are dying, but are instead growing more popular. That might be in part to a game he no longer enjoys, Warzone. To have an option on a new, fresh game could be just what the Doc orders. 

In a recent video, Dr Disrespect had this to say:

There’s so much you can do. There’s so many different engines, so many different fictions and games and designs. The hell you guys talking about? These are the same people that are trapped in a box. I want the multiplayer, but I also want the BR, especially on that engine.

Dr Direspect calls the people who think BR games are “played out” idiots, and that Battle Royale games are just getting started. Many people in the Twitter announcement for Battlefield 2042 were shouting about how they don’t want a BR in the game. But at the end of the day, it’s up to DICE. Personally, if it means we’re going to get a groundbreaking Battle Royale game, it will be worth the wait. Will it hurt sales if the game doesn’t drop with a BR mode? Probably not noticeably. But should it be in the game? Absolutely. Perhaps sooner rather than later, but we’ll just have to see what the devs at DICE have up their sleeves.


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