Battlefield 2042 Players Want the Vehicle Hit Indicator Back

by in General | Nov, 24th 2021

Battlefield 2042 is a game that is quite controversial these days, especially when it comes to the missing features that the title did not carry over from past games in the series. One such feature is the more detailed Battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator and the community is already lamenting its absence.

Community Wants a Fixed Battlefield 2042 Vehicle Hit Indicator

This is seen in the recent Reddit post from a user who posted about wanting to see the Battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator return in the game. The title of the thread asked the simple question: how are players supposed to know how much damage is being caused to the vehicles?

To illustrate the missing details about the Battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator, they posted an image along with the thread that shows off a side-by-side comparison between Battlefield 2042 and its predecessor, Battlefield V, showing off the differences in action. 

These two screenshots are both showing moments in their respective games in which the player is attacking a vehicle. In the case of the Battlefield V screenshot on the left, the player is attacking a tank and, though there is a lot of dust, smoke, and other debris, we can clearly see what the user is trying to show off. 

With the screenshot on the right, the user is taking a moment from Battlefield 2042 where it looks like the user is on the ground perhaps and is looking up at a helicopter that they are fighting. It does not matter that these are two different vehicles since it gets the point across. 

Vehicle Hit Indicator Is Currently Extremely Vague

What the Battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator is, is the information that comes across the bottom middle portion of the screen when the user is attacking a vehicle. The information will generate details about the experience that the player is receiving for dealing damage to the vehicle or even destroying it. 

In the case of the Battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator, though, it is not nearly as detailed as some of its Battlefield counterparts in the past. In the screenshot that is shared, the player is locking on, likely with a guided rocket launcher, and the only information that is shown is that they received 10 XP for disabling a part. 

However, the other screenshot on the left side is a pretty different story. In this one, the user is seen shooting at the tank and they have received 75 XP in total for this engagement, with 25 of it is from hitting the vehicle in the first place while the other 50 is for disabling the turret on the tank. 

This is a far cry from the Battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator where we only know that a part was disabled on the helicopter, not what the actual part is. Is it the rudder that could stop the helicopter from moving? Is it one of the guns that it can use to fire back on the attacking player or what? 

We do not know just looking at the screenshot since it is so vague in its description. However, on the other hand, we can tell that the turret is disabled with the Battlefield V from this screenshot alone without even having to look at the tank or footage of what’s going on. 

Other Similar Features Are Missing From 2042

This sort of vague detail is something that is frustrating as it can even affect the gameplay for players in Battlefield 2042. With such a vague Battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator, it is possible that you could not know exactly what you did to the vehicle, hoping it will go down but then it is still up because it was not a very important part that was disabled. 

This is a seemingly simple feature that is currently missing from Battlefield 2042 and, yet, it is not the only one. Just taking a quick look at the viral post and its more than 750 comments at the time of writing this, we can see that players are not just frustrated with this vague feature but the other parts that are also missing surrounding it. 

There is one user who notes how you might disable a part on the vehicle, deal some heavy damage to it to the point of almost destroying it, and then someone else will come in and steal your kill with the final shot. While this is standard in most multiplayer games, it is all the more annoying in 2042 with its handle of the matter. 

In previous Battlefield games, you would get the “assists counts as kill” experience, but this is completely missing from the game at this time. This means that the player who did most of the work will just get some meager assist points while the other player walks away with the full XP reward. 

Furthermore, the vulnerable parts from Battlefield V have also been removed, meaning that you will seemingly deal the same amount of damage to the vehicles no matter where you shoot. This also means that you cannot temporarily disable a tank by shooting it in the back like before. 

Another person brings up the fact that the experience is not nearly as clear as it was before when it comes to how much damage you’ve dealt. Before one point of XP would equal one percent of damage dealt on the vehicle but that is no longer the case now, which makes it even vaguer. 

Overall, the missing details from the Battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator only add to the early access nature of this game. It feels like 2042 is far from the full video game experience that you would expect from a launch of a full title, but that is the case. EA and DICE have yet to really acknowledge the issues with Battlefield 2042, so here’s hoping that we find out more about possible plans for the game in the near future. 


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