Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 Is a Better Anti-Tank Weapon Than the M5

by in General | Nov, 23rd 2021

Battlefield 2042 is a game that is full of bugs and issues that are currently sweeping the entire online community, to the point where someone has compiled a massive list of the missing features from the game. However, one player has found a new issue in that the dedicated anti-tank weapons are not as good as others that are not at all meant for that sort of gameplay, including the Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 sniper rifle.

Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 Sniper Rifle Is a Great Anti-Tank Weapon

The Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 is a sniper rifle that is unlocked relatively late into the progression system for the recently released game and has been discovered to be a fantastic weapon for anti-tank warfare. However, the strange part about this is that this weapon is not necessarily designed for that.

The Reddit user SheroxXx posted about this recently discovered “balance” of the game on the Battlefield subreddit page for the game, noting that the Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 outclasses the M5 Recoilless “by a mile” when it comes to what the M5 is supposed to do best: destroy tanks.

As you may already know, the M5 is a rocket launcher that is meant to be used mainly for anti-vehicle warfare. Though there are some launchers that are designed for anti-infantry, this is one that is built specifically to be used against the various vehicles that are in Battlefield 2042.

As a weapon that is meant for destroying tanks, you would think that it would be one of the best in the game at doing so. Sure, there might be other anti-tank weaponry that might do it a little bit better, but it would be bizarre to think that a gun not really meant for this sort of gameplay would be better in the end.

NWT-50 Outclasses the M5 Recoilless

However, that is exactly the case with the Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 sniper rifle as the Reddit user recently discovered. The user posted a video clip of them in a match recently where they were showing off the utility of the two weapons and how the NWT-50 outclasses the M5 against tanks.

For the first part of the short gameplay clip, the player can be seen driving a tank through the snow and then stopping it to get out. When they get out, they have the M5 rocket launcher equipped and they proceed to run behind the tank and then shoot at it with the launcher.

They start shooting the rocket launcher at around the 12-second mark and, per usual, the rockets must be individually loaded into the chamber of the weapon and fired successively. The player does not pause at all and continues to fire the rockets at the tank, getting three done in about 16 seconds or so.

However, those three rockets are not able to destroy the tank and it would take a fourth one to actually make it happen, adding to the amount of time that it would take for the M5 Recoilless to destroy the tank. But the video does not end there as they then redo the entire scenario with the tank with full health, but with the Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 sniper rifle now.

NWT-50 Can Destroy Tanks in Almost Half the Time

They started firing with the Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 at around the I 52-second mark after readjusting the tank and making sure that its health was fully back now. Since this is a fairly fast-firing sniper rifle with little need for reloading in battle, they could continue shooting back-to-back.

They were able to destroy the tank, not just almost destroy it like with the M5 Recoilless, in almost 10 seconds flat. That is an impressive amount of time to destroy the tank from start to finish, especially considering that it would have taken a little bit longer for the fourth shot from the M5.

Why shoot a tank with a rocket when you can just pop it with a sniper rifle?

Overall, it is possible that it would have taken almost double the time for the M5 to destroy a tank than the Battlefield 2042 NWT-50. That is pretty insane for a weapon that is built for destroying tanks versus a sniper rifle that is not necessarily meant for that type of action.

The Reddit thread went viral rather quickly for the impressive discovery that the player was able to find with more than 98% upvotes and 600 comments from the community in awe of yet another issue with the game that is keeping it from being taken as seriously as past Battlefield titles.

Rockets Cannot Singlehandedly Destroy a Tank Without Help

The top comment on the thread is one that puts further insight into how messed up the balancing of the game is right now when it comes to this particular situation. The user noted that a single infantry player in a match cannot currently destroy a tank on their own with a rocket launcher without at least resupplying from Angel first.

This is because all of the rocket launchers can only carry up to three rockets from the start of when you deploy on the map, but every single launcher needs more than that in order to destroy the tank, like in the case of the M5, requiring a resupply or a teammate to help to make it happen.

This sheds some new light on the fact that a sniper rifle like the Battlefield 2042 NWT-50 is capable of destroying a tank from start to finish with just one player in about 10 seconds, without needing a resupply or help from any of the other players.

That is pretty insane and shows that there are possibly other strange imbalances that have gone unnoticed since the launch of Battlefield 2042 that we do not know about currently. Hopefully, DICE is able to buff the rockets in some way soon so that they can do the job they are designed for without being outclassed and outmatched by a weapon in an entirely different category.


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