Battle for Azeroth Launch – Quick Recap of the Official Release

by in General | Aug, 15th 2018

Battle for Azeroth launch date erupted with a fury as Blizzard Entertainment did their first ever worldwide release of a World of Warcraft expansion release at the same time. That meant that everyone would get the game at one time.

Quite a lofty concept to do a worldwide release since that is a lot of potential problems waiting to happen. You are probably wondering how the mega Battle for Azeroth launch went. You came to the right place for that!

Battle for Azeroth Theme

The premise of the expansion has players obtain a necklace that they will power up with Azerite. Azerite is the Titan blood that is seeping out from the planet of Azeroth after Sargers stabbed the world.

Battle for Azeroth Launch

They revamped the artifact system from Legion in the form of a necklace that lets players choose different paths in how they wish to power up their character. They will get specific armor pieces and based on the power of their neck; they can open additional traits.

After receiving the necklace, players are thrown right into the heart of things and are tasked immediately with acting on behalf of the Alliance or for the Horde.

Making New Friends

Once the initial starter quests were complete, players venture to the new lands where they meet their new allies. The Horde befriends the Zandalari Trolls while the Alliance forms a bond with the Kul Tiran Humans. Whatever your faction, it seems that both sides want access to the naval fleets of these new friends.

The war mode hype of the last few weeks that got players riled about Player vs. Player content did not die out. With the increased 10% experience and abilities that you gain while being in war mode, it seemed ideal to level the quickest. War mode does not come without risk of course.

Many players found themselves in hardcore battles with the opposing faction as they began to level. Players are finding it smarter safer to travel in numbers and frankly, I can’t disagree. Blizzard has brought some interesting concepts into this expansion that have gotten many people excited.

Battle for Azeroth Launch Technical Problems

There were some minor login issues for some of the “higher populated” realms. However, it was a fantastic release with no DDOS attacks or other abnormalities to deal with. Those high population realms that got impacted had about a 5 hour or so delay, which unfortunately was where my main was on.

Battle for Azeroth Launch

The servers that were impacted were those with higher populations and the unfortunate problem of an incredible amount of people trying to log in at once can tend to bog things down. That didn’t stop people like Ginji from getting World First Level 120 in 4-5 hours.

Blizzard didn’t leave people in the dark of course. They let the community know the problems with these servers on their Twitter feed and let the players know that they were handling the issue asap.

Impacted Servers – Authentication/Login Issues

  • Area 52
  • Zul’jin
  • Illidan
  • Proudmoore
  • Sargeras
  • Stormrage
  • Tichondrius

Not discounting the minor hiccups of the authentication issues – there was nothing earth-shattering problem wise to report. Blizzard’s impacted servers did get handled with a quick update – and all servers were then good to go. The game itself is spectacular.

Regarding first impressions with expansions, I cannot deny that this one had one of the most exciting opening segments to date. The servers having issues were corrected, and it was smooth sailing the rest of the night from there. The concerns many had were what would occur during server maintenance in the morning.

Tuesday Patch Day

Patch day on Tuesday brought about the expected server maintenance and surprisingly, it wasn’t an all-day endeavor! It was routine server maintenance, and they got players up and rolling again within a few hours. It wasn’t perfect since Day 2 saw some of the same issues with log in congestion and some heavy queue times like on Monday.

Not many huge problems were experienced aside from the congestion of people trying to log in and some people reporting wait times of over an hour. As a person who plays on one of those impacted servers the day before, there was no wait time or log in issues what so ever that I experienced on day 2.

Wrap Up

The Battle for Azeroth launch has gone quite well, and frankly, Blizzard should be very proud of themselves for doing such an impressive worldwide release. If they can keep things going strong the way they are, then this expansion looks like it can have great promise.

Beautifulk scenery, fun content, and a whole new PvP system for players to enjoy. Blizzard has put some quality thought into their Battle for Azeroth launch. They are off to an impressive expansion start.

Now for the end game content to get explored and the community to give their opinions. If it retains the same quality that we have already experienced, players are in for a treat this time around!

We shall have to wait and see, but I am hopeful.


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