Batman Returns to Fortnite in Batman Fortnite Zero Point Crossover

by in Fortnite | Feb, 26th 2021

When you think of Fortnite battle royale, there are likely two things that come to your mind pretty quickly: battle royale and, well, crossovers. Crossovers have become the bread and butter of the game, but this latest one, the Batman Fortnite Zero Point event, will be unlike any other.

New Batman Fortnite Zero Point Crossover Announced

We have to applaud Epic Games for always being able to up the ante and find new ways to surprise us with its crossovers. The new Batman Fortnite Zero Point is something special that not only brings the Caped Crusader back to the battle royale game but in a unique way. 

Up until this point in time, we have only had events in Fortnite that bring something from the outside world to the in-game battle royale universe. Rarely have there been exceptions outside of that where Fortnite is being brought to something outside of the game itself. 

But that is what is happening with the new Batman Fortnite Zero Point event (via IGN), as it looks like this one will be in a way that the battle royale game has never gone in before. And it all has to do with the comic books that have spawned characters like Batman, Harley Quinn, and more.

Sure, we’ve had comic books in Fortnite before, but it is time for something brand new to happen with the Batman Fortnite Zero Point event. For the first time, Fortnite will be coming to the comics world physically and digitally in a way unlike ever before with a Batman crossover.

Comics Will Feature Batman in Fortnite World

DC Comics is working with Epic Games directly to make Zero Point, a six-part limited series of comics coming later this year. The series will be focused on Batman and the DC universe but have elements of the Fortnite mythology incorporated into it. 

The general premise is that Batman has forgotten who he is as he crashes into the Fortnite world and has to figure out what is going on and what this Zero Point device in the Fortnite universe is. Alongside Batman, there will be other characters who will make their leap to Fortnite in this comic.

Some of them are characters that have already shown up before in the game as skins and outfits like in Harley Quinn’s case. Other characters will join Batman in the Fortnite universe comic like Catwoman and more. It sounds like a pretty unique event. 

The Batman Fortnite Zero Point comic series will be canon in the Fortnite world so whatever happens here is how it happened for the Dark Knight when he joined the world of this battle royale game. The comic book series isn’t treated as a one-off throwaway series, either, as it has some heft behind it. 

Epic Games Will Consult for the DC Comics Series

Christos Gage of Spider-Geddon fame is penning it. It will have a story based on the Fortnite world that has been conceptually created and consulted on by the Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard. You can rest assured that it will likely have some signature Fortnite flair to it. 

Reilly Brown, Christian Duce, Nelson DeCastro, and John Kalisz will handle the art for the Zero Point comic series. It seems that the comics are teasing that Batman will be stuck in an endless battle royale loop as he takes on familiar Fortnite characters like the Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bandolier, and more.

He will investigate the endless loop in this world and how everything ties back to the Zero Point device that has been at the heart of much of the Fortnite lore these days, including the literal name of the current fifth season of content

Of course, this Batman Fortnite Zero Point is really interesting and fun, but what does it mean for you, the player? Well, what’s great is that Epic Games and DC Comics are using this as an opportunity to offer some unique skins to players in the process.

Players Will Get Free DLC Codes With Physical Purchases

It doesn’t just end with the comics themselves, as players in Fortnite will be able to find another reason to check out the Zero Point series this year. The series will be available physically and digitally when it releases. Every single print issue of the six-part series will come with a special DLC code. 

These DLC codes will come with items for Fortnite like a new skin or other cosmetic items for you to use. If you don’t want to spend the extra money on these skins’ issues, if you are a DC Universe Infinite subscriber, you will get the comics and codes for free as part of it, according to IGN. 

It seems weird that the comics’ digital versions don’t come with the DLC codes, perhaps due to the lower price, so please keep that in mind and be careful when procuring the physical copies, especially if you have to go to stores to get them. 

How to Get the Armored Batman Zero Skin

While not all of the codes and items have been revealed just yet, we do know that it seems that there will be seven items in total. Six will come with each issue, respectively, plus a seventh one for players who have collected all six codes.

The first issue that will release this year will come with a third outfit for Harley Quinn, and this time it is the DC Rebirth version. We are not sure if future codes will have skins on this level or not, but if you do get all six, you will receive the unique Armored Batman Zero skin for free. 

You’ll be able to get the Harley Quinn skin in the first issue of the comic when it releases on April 20. Following issues will come bi-monthly until the final issue releases on July 6. The standard cover issues will be $4.99, while the cardstock variants will be $5.99, so not a bad price for a comic and some Fortnite items. 


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