Bangladesh Could Ban PUBG, Garena Free Fire in the Near Future

by in PUBG | Aug, 16th 2021

It looks like the waves of PUBG bans are not yet over as Bangladesh could become the next country in the world to ban the popular battle royale title. The Bangladesh PUBG ban is not guaranteed just yet, but there are government authorities who are calling for it to happen soon.

Bangladesh Could Ban PUBG Soon

The High Court of Bangladesh sent a directive to the government on August 16, asking the proper authorities there to swiftly ban PUBG, TikTok, and other games and apps. Via The Daily Star, the High Court is requesting that the government create this Bangladesh PUBG ban for a limited time.

It all started when the two of the High Court justices came together with a writ petition asking the government to create this ban. Furthermore, this has escalated into the court issuing a rule for the authorities to explain in the next 10 days why they have not banned these games and apps yet.

And, furthermore, why this inaction on the government’s part should not be considered illegal. In general, the petition began as something to figure out the perpetrators who are engaging in money laundering and other similarly illegal activities using various apps and mobile games.

But this also led to a joint committee with educational authorities, lawyers, and technology leaders to ask the Bangladesh Telecommunication and Regulatory Commission to have a ban for any games and apps that are harming children and the youth in the country.

What the Bangladesh PUBG Ban Would Include

Through this, the committee came up with a variety of games and apps that it believes are harming the youth of today in Bangladesh. This proposed Bangladesh PUBG ban would include, of course, the popular mobile battle royale title, its PC counterpart, and a slew of other games and apps.

Some of the apps mentioned in the report include the immensely popular social media platform TikTok, Likee, Bigo Live, and Garena Free, the last of which is another mobile shooter game that has become increasingly more popular over the last couple of years to the point of rivaling PUBG Mobile.

PUBG is just one of several games and apps the High Court requested a ban on. (credit PUBG Corp)

The proposed Bangladesh PUBG ban would include all of these games and apps, and it would be a temporary one for now. The proposal includes banning these apps from the country for a period of three months, as it would not be a completely permanent ban of them at this time.

This is interesting as it would indicate that there is a chance for PUBG Mobile and the other apps to come back in the future, if the Bangladesh PUBG ban actually happens in the first place. After the three-month time period, it does seem that there would be a chance for the games to come back.

Why This Ban Was Proposed

At the same time, though, there is also the potential that this temporary Bangladesh PUBG ban could just be there to see how it affects the youth and the country as a whole, and it could very well lead to a permanent ban, much like what we have seen in other countries in Asia.

For now, though, the Bangladesh PUBG ban has not been ruled by the authorities as it is still being proposed by the High Court. However, given that they are requesting that the government respond with a ban and more information in the next 10 days, it is likely that we will get more info very soon.

While it remains to be seen if the actual ban of PUBG, PUBG Mobile, TikTok, Free Fire, and the like will happen, we do know the clear intentions and reasoning behind this proposal. The petitioners believe that the youth in Bangladesh are now addicted to online games and apps like these.

Garena Free Fire - 4nniversary - Apps on Google Play
Garena would also be hit by the ban if passed.

Because of their addictions to these games and apps, the committee believes that the social values, education, and culture of the youth is being affected, and in a negative way. The committee even cites some of the issues that it believes that these apps contribute to in the end.

It is stated that the youth is affected by these apps and games by becoming more violent and engaging in unethical activities. Because of this situation, the petitioners would like to see the apps banned from the country. Overall, this directive is here to “save children and adolescents from moral and social degradation.”

For now, if you are reading this and are a fan of these various games and apps that could be banned in Bangladesh, we recommend that you enjoy them while you still can. There is no guarantee that they will be banned in the end, but there is also no guarantee that you will be able to continue to play and use them in the near future.

Bangladesh Is Just the Latest Country to Possibly Ban PUBG

Bangladesh is far from the first country to possibly ban PUBG and other apps in order to protect the youth, as some of its neighboring countries have done the same. One of the most notable ones is India who banned PUBG Mobile from the country along with a slew of other apps and games.

Fortunately, PUBG Mobile publisher Krafton was able to circumvent this ban by creating the recently released mobile title Battlegrounds Mobile. This is essentially still PUBG Mobile but with a new name, some various changes to make it less violent, and other features.

All of this has helped to ensure that Battlegrounds Mobile is legal and available in India, and it continues to be playable there at the time of writing this with no signs of that stopping for now. If Bangladesh does ban PUBG Mobile after all, it would not be surprising to see Krafton attempt to publish Battlegrounds Mobile there as an alternative solution for fans of battle royale.


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