Bad Moon Talent Signs Madden Bowl Esports Champion Joke

by in General | Jun, 17th 2020

Now, this is great news! We don’t often have Madden Esports news, not of this caliber either. Last month though, we discussed Raidel “Joke” Brito and how he won the Madden Bowl without a single passing play. That had to have put eyes on him as someone who thinks outside the box and does what it takes to win. So with that, we learned that Bad Moon Talent signed their first Madden Esports player – the No. 1 ranked Madden player Joke!

Growth of Madden’s Scene Is Necessary

Bad Moon Talent is an esports agency, and their pick-up of the number-one ranked Madden player Joke is an interesting signing. They will be working together to grow Joke’s brand and likely pick up sponsors or deals for their newest client.

I don’t think sports esports players get the due they’re owed. Sports titles are just as complex and challenging as other esports games, but somehow, Madden doesn’t get the views it could. Why? Well, I put that on the head of the NFL. The NFL needs to put more investment and time into the scene.

Joke is also the first traditional sports esport star to join the Bad Moon Talent roster, and he is hot off the heels of one of his most successful Madden seasons. Traditional sport esports players need to know more about the actual game and what strategies will work with the players they have. That’s what fascinates me about traditional sports matches, and if the NFL, NBA, et cetera would support their digital scenes more, they’d show what their esports scenes are capable of.

“Joke” is one of the most exciting personalities in esports, boasting not only unparalleled talent on the sticks, but also a passion for the game and its community,” said Reed Trimble, Bad Moon Talent’s partnerships director. “We are thrilled to be working with him and excited about his potential with global brands and teams looking to engage in the esports and gaming market.”

As the first sports player signed to Bad Moon Talent, perhaps we’ll see more agencies looking to the traditional sports genre. It’s a genre of esports that still has a lot of room to grow. Between the NBA 2K matches, many soccer/football leagues, and racing, there are so many options.

“I am excited to be the first Madden player signed with a talent agency and looking forward to the awesome partnerships BMT can bring,” Joke said.

So, congratulations to Joke on his amazing signing and his win in the Madden Bowl this year. We’re looking forward to hearing more about the NFL esports scene and other sports growing and maturing. Joke’s one of the greatest Madden players of our time. Perhaps this signing will signal to other agencies that they’re missing the boat.


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