Aydan’s Call of Duty Warzone Mac 10 Loadout Is Excellent

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 31st 2020

Call of Duty Warzone is at the peak of battle royale games right now. Not only is it super popular with the players in the vast community of millions who enjoy it frequently on consoles and PC, but it is also popular with numerous streamers, including Aydan. The streamer recently revealed his Call of Duty Warzone Mac 10 loadout. 

Season 1 Has Changed Call of Duty Warzone

Aydan is one of the biggest streamers in the whole world who plays Warzone battle royale regularly. He is among the countless Twitch streamers who have opted to play this game over the more recently released game Black Ops Cold War. 

As part of the main focus of Warzone, players can craft their loadout to use in the battle royale matches. You don’t start the match with your loadout, but you can bring it out if you can call it in by purchasing it from the in-match store. 

This is something that many players aim for first in each match they do, as they know how to best use the weapons and equipment that are in their favorite weapon loadout. With the Call of Duty Warzone Season 1 release, everything has changed in the game. 

Players can now use a variety of Black Ops Cold War weapons that have joined Warzone with the first season of content crossing over the two titles. Players can pick up guns like the Call of Duty Warzone Mac 10, Groza, XM4, MP5, and so much more. 

Aydan’s Call of Duty Warzone Mac 10 Loadout Revealed

These are alongside the normal Modern Warfare weapons that were already in the game. The Cold War ones have become some of the most popular guns in Warzone at this time. So, it is no surprise that Twitch streamer Aydan is one content creator who has capitalized on this by sharing his Call of Duty Warzone Mac 10 loadout. 

Here is the Call of Duty Warzone Mac 10 loadout that the massively popular Twitch content creator is currently using in his streams. We know that his primary weapon is the DMR 14, one of the several tactical rifles that hail from Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. 

This weapon is excellent at mid to long-range fights, being a hybrid of sorts between an assault rifle and a full-on sniper rifle. This means that players have more control and speed over a sniper but can still pack a punch and take out enemies fast from far away if they are accurate with well-placed shots. 

But to be the counterpart to that, Aydan uses the Mac 10 SMG as his secondary weapon in his loadout. This is a brand new weapon launched in Season 1 and has quickly dominated the meta as one of the most powerful submachine guns ever to release. 

What Attachments He Uses for the Mac 10

The Mac 10 SMG is one of only two new weapons that you can unlock through the battle pass during Season 1. It is a strong contender for the very best SMG from Black Ops Cold War and is the only real rival to the MP5 that dominated the meta before. 

It is a devilishly fast gun at close-range and can quickly destroy enemies, making it a king of close combat encounters. But you can make it even better by tricking it out in the Gunsmith with some strategic choices for the attachments you use for it. 

Here are the five attachments that Aydan currently uses for his Call of Duty Warzone Mac 10:

  • Barrel: 5.9” Task Force
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Ammo: STANAG 53 RND Drum
  • Rear Grip: Serpent Wrap

You will notice, or technically not notice, in this Mac 10 build is that there is no stock that Aydan is using. Some of the most popular builds out there for the SMG use a stock or other grips to make the weapon better. 

However, Aydan believes that the recoil for the Mac 10 isn’t that bad. Therefore, there is no need to even worry too much about minimizing that stat. Instead, it is all about how fast the weapon is to make sure that you can be a true run and gun SMG player. 

This Is One of the Most Versatile Builds in Warzone

Furthermore, this build means that players can be versatile and capable of excelling at all sorts of combat situations. You can use the DMR 14 to take care of any longer-ranged fights and then the Mac 10 for those moments that an enemy gets too close to you. 

Not only is this excellent for the Warzone battle royale matches, but it could work extremely well in normal Black Ops Cold War as well since these guns originate from that title anyway. This is a very flexible build that could be used in just about every single game mode out there. 

Sure, it is great for battle royale as you have the huge open spaces of Verdansk and the tighter spaces of Rebirth Island, where it will work across both of them, but it also works for the Cold War game modes. Players can use this in the standard modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and others. 

And it will work well in the bigger team-based modes like Combined Arms. You will be able to pick off enemies from afar as they approach your position and clear out rooms and control points. We highly recommend trying it out if you don’t have a Warzone or Black Ops Cold War class loadout figured out just yet. 


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