Attach Says Cheating Is a Serious Problem For CoD Esports

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 29th 2020

Cheating? In esports? Say it isn’t so! The CoD esports scene, in particular, has been overwhelmed by cheating. Dillon’ Attach’ Price of Minnesota ROKKR recently spoke about why this CoD esports cheating is such a problem. There’s always been cheating in Call of Duty; that’s just how it goes. It’s one thing to hack in a casual lobby (but still gross), but in competitive, serious esports for money? The outcry has been immense. What has caused this tidal wave of cheaters to hit the CDL? 

The move to PC, of course. That announcement plays a significant part in what’s going down right now in CoD. Attach says what we’re all thinking right now: “I feel terrible for the Challengers scene. I’ve seen so many tweets about people who have played against cheaters early on in the tournaments and lost, and that ruins their whole year for getting pro points.”

No Anti-Cheat? No Problem!

Earlier seasons of the CoD Pro League were on the PS4, and that was fine. It’s a bit harder to hack and cheat on the PS4. Not impossible, but it more difficult. However, now all CoD esports will be played on PC, and Attach feels the sudden wave of cheating is a significant problem. He’s not wrong, either. The problem with CoD: Black Ops Cold War is that it has no anti-cheat. If it does, it sure doesn’t work.

The anti-cheat that was in the game during beta did not work well (or at all). This hasn’t been an issue in the major leagues of CoD esports, at least, but according to Attach, cheating is rife in the Challenger scene. Several players in the Challenger CoD scene have cheated, such as a team forced to play against a team banned during the tournament.

During the Eavesdrop Podcast with H3CZ, Attach spoke about this problem: “You just don’t know who’s legit. Everyone is like the best player in the world all of a sudden… People are coming out the woodworks and are just the best in the game. And I’m sure there are a lot of legit people doing that, but there are definitely other people who are very sketchy.”

For now, this is only affecting the Challenger scene. That’s bad enough, but if Activision continues to ignore the cheating problem, there’s a chance we see sketchy pros decide that they can get away with just doing what they want. Worse still, a player could cheat so efficiently that they could earn a way onto a pro team and ruin that team’s climb to the top. 

Attach went on to say: “I’ve seen hundreds of clips and played a bunch of tourneys and just been like ‘alright, that was a little bit weird.’ Then a week or two later, all those players get exposed because they were hacking… that’s what really hurting the CoD scene right now. Hopefully, there can be some kinda anti-cheat, not only for us but for the Warzone players as well.”

This is the worst thing to see in esports. Cheating again isn’t new. But we can’t think of a scene with a worse problem with cheaters than the CDL Challengers League. It has to be frustrating. The way the Challenger’s League looks right now, nobody can take any player in it seriously. The ones cheating are ruining the reputation of everyone. 

The worst part is that there are serious financial investments made into teams and leagues for CoD. You’d think a tech giant like Activision-Blizzard could easily invest in solid anti-cheat. No anti-cheat system is foolproof, sure. But you could at least act like you care and put something in play. That, or, worst case, swap over to PS4/PS5. It’s much harder (but not impossible) to cheat on the Sony console. 

Right now, it’s more or less confined to the Challenger scene, but there’s no telling what the future holds. All we can do is hope that Activision gets on the ball and fixes this problem before CoD esports’ reputation is ruined beyond repair.


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