Atlanta Reign’s Babybay Retires from Competitive Overwatch

by in Overwatch | Jul, 17th 2020

The news of professional Overwatch League players retiring is a worrying trend, and by the looks of it, it’s not slowing down any time soon. After the OWL MVP decided to switch to Valorant, a couple of others followed suit. The latest player to hang his mouse and keyboard and retire is none other than Atlanta Reign’s DPS virtuoso Andrej “Babybay” Francisty.

The news of his retirement shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing how the seasoned DPS veteran gave us multiple hints over the last couple of months. He’s well-known for his positive attitude, mechanical prowess, and sheer swagger which he brought to the stage any time he was given the opportunity to start. He didn’t accomplish much overall, but he definitely stood as out as an insane hitscan player with a ton of bravado and a passionate following.

While we still don’t know what Babybay will do next now that he’s retired, it’s fair to assume that he’ll make the switch to Valorant — a game that is a perfect match for his impressive skill set. He already gave his two cents on the game once the closed beta began, and it’s no secret that he adores Riot’s first-person shooter and was probably just waiting for the right opportunity to come along before retiring as a full-time Overwatch pro. 

Regardless of what happens next, watching Babybay’s next step will be an absolute must. 

A Worrying Trend

Yet another marketable player leaving the Overwatch League is quite a big blow to Blizzard’s struggling esport. It’s not yet time to sound the alarms, but one simply has to wonder how bad things have gotten when some of OWL’s best and brightest are leaving en masse for a game that was released mere weeks ago — there’s no esports scene to speak of, nor will it suddenly appear out of thin air. The pressure on Riot and Valorant is mounting, but with such immense support and a fairly dedicated player base, the outlook is fairly positive. 

Hopefully the game will be able to fulfill everyone’s immense expectations.  


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