Atlanta MagicFest Mythic Championship Qualifier Seems Cancelled

By Cody Perez

July 12, 2019


atlanta magicfest mythic championship

Wizards of the Coast has yet to make an official announcement but it seems that the Atlanta MagicFest Mythic Championship Qualifier that was originally scheduled to take place during the event has been cancelled.

Atlanta MagicFest Mythic Championship Qualifier Could Be Cancelled

Of course, MagicFest is still happening in Atlanta, Georgia later this year but it looks as if there won’t be a chance for players in the area to test their skills and see if they can make it to the Mythic Championship VI. Rumors of a cancelation have spread due to the official website.

The official MTG website lists everything that players need to know about the upcoming Mythic Championship Qualifier tournaments. However, if you scroll all the way down to the list of the upcoming qualifying events and their locations, you will find that Atlanta MagicFest Mythic Championship Qualifiers are oddly missing.

Originally, the Mythic Championship Qualifier events were meant to be held from August 3 through September 22, which is still the case. What’s strange, though, is the removal of the Atlanta MagicFest qualifying event since it still falls within the set schedule.

As of right now, the final event for the season of qualifiers is in Cardiff, Wales in Europe. There are a few other qualifiers that will happen on the final day of the qualifying season but there is no mention of the Atlanta, Georgia qualifier any longer.

This was a major event that many fans and also aspiring professional players were looking forward to. In fact, many players bought passes to the Atlanta MagicFest just for the chance to be able to participate in the Mythic Championship Qualifier there with hopes of doing well.

In exchange for this, players who were planning to come just for the qualifying tournament have been offered the chance to get a refund for their passes to MagicFest. This all but officially confirms the removal of the Mythic Championship Qualifier that weekend.

Why It Might Be Canceled

There does seem to be a reason behind this strange situation that has popped up. It looks as though Wizards of the Coast is getting rid of any Mythic Championship Qualifiers that would be taking place during a Grand Prix tournament at a MagicFest event.

Typically, the MagicFests also have a Grand Prix tournament onsite at each location, offering a two-day tournament with thousands of cash prizes. These tournaments are exciting and typically have great action so it is possible that Wizards of the Coast wants Grand Prix to have its room to shine.

It’s possible that the company doesn’t want to dilute the Magic scene too much within the same weekend by having two tournaments going on at the same time. After all, it would be difficult for players who would like to enter both the Grand Prix and Mythic Championship Qualifiers at once.

Regardless, it does seem bizarre for Wizards of the Coast to make this move and not make an official statement to the community regarding this major change. Instead, players and fans are left confused about what’s going on with the situation.

Atlanta MagicFest will be taking place the weekend of September 20 through September 22. That is the final weekend where players have the chance to do well in a Mythic Championship Qualifier and be invited to Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Virginia this year.

For those who don’t know, the Mythic Championship Qualifier is one of the main methods of making it to the main event tournament each year and prove yourself as a pro Magic player. The only players who aren’t eligible for competing in these tournaments are those who have already qualified.

The number of participants in each tournament vary depending on the venue with the lowest possible number being 129 and the highest being 226. If you are able to successfully win a qualifier you will be invited to the Mythic Championship VI.

Unfortunately, even then, there is some controversy as Wizards of the Coast decided recently to no longer pay for travel for those who are invited to the Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Virginia. Despite having qualifiers all over the world, you have to pay for your own travel if you qualify.

This is a mistake on Wizards of the Coast’s part, especially since the Magic: The Gathering brand is one of only two properties that are profitable for parent company Hasbro at this time. With such a profitable business, you would think that the company could treat its most dedicated players to paid travel at least.

Even Channel Fireball Doesn’t Know What’s Going On

As for the future of the MagicFest Atlanta Mythic Championship Qualifier, it’s unsure at this time. Even Channel Fireball who hosts many of the MagicFest events and the like is currently in the dark about what’s going on with Wizards of the Coast.

When a fan on Twitter asked about the Atlanta MagicFest Mythic Championship Qualifiers, Channel Fireball responded by noting that Wizards of the Coast has yet to make an announcement for what it is doing in the future.

Because of this, Channel Fireball is keeping registration and scheduling for the Mythic Championship Qualifiers closed since it doesn’t even know if it’s happening or not. Channel Fireball does believe that the events will occur but there is no confirmation or announcement from Wizards of the Coast at this time.

As of right now, the Channel Fireball website doesn’t list the Mythic Championship Qualifiers as an option for MagicFest attendees to make it to the Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Virginia or future ones either. Instead, it only lists three other possible ways.

You can make it to a Mythic Championship tournament by getting X-2 or better, by making it to the top eight players of the individual Grand Prix tournament at MagicFest, or by being a member of one of the top four teams in the Team Grand Prix.

While we are all in the dark at this time regarding what’s going on with the Atlanta MagicFest Mythic Championship Qualifiers, but we do expect Wizards of the Coast to respond soon as we approach the start of the qualifying season August 3. Be sure to stay tuned right here for any official announcement about what’s happening.


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