Atlanta FaZe Are the New Call of Duty League 2021 Champs

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 23rd 2021

The Call of Duty League Playoffs event is over, concluding the 2021 season, and determining who the best team this year truly is. Before we go any further, we will spoil the champion of the year, so be sure to turn away now. Still here? Then get ready as we are going to go over the decisive Atlanta FaZe Champs 2021 win. 

Call of Duty League 2021 Season Is Now Over

With the conclusion of the playoffs, the Call of Duty League 2021 season is now over. With that being the case, though, there is still the chance to enjoy the action that happened over the year. There were five stages with 15 weeks of Home Series play and five Major tournaments. 

During that time, teams competed for points on the leaderboard to earn the right to make it to the playoffs tournament and fight for the right to become champion. Teams have risen and fallen through the ranks throughout the season, ultimately ending on eight teams that made the champs tournament. 

Those eight teams are below:

  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Toronto Ultra
  • Dallas Empire
  • OpTic Chicago
  • New York Subliners
  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • Los Angeles Thieves
  • Florida Mutineers

Those eight teams had the chance to compete one final time this year in Black Ops Cold War and figure out who the very best team is. Atlanta and Toronto had a one-round bye in the winners bracket for the event, giving them an edge since they were the top two teams this year. 

On the other hand, the bottom two teams in this group, the Thieves and the Mutineers started in the bottom bracket of this double-elimination tournament, where a single loss there meant the end of the road. Everyone else was in the upper bracket to withstand one loss and still keep going in the bottom bracket. 

If you missed out on any of the matches, including the Atlanta FaZe Champs 2021 win, you could always watch them right now on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel. Otherwise, we’ve got you covered with the full recap and how this decisive victory for the best Call of Duty League team came about. 

The Atlanta FaZe Champs 2021 win happened on the fourth day of the playoffs event that began on Thursday, August 19, and concluded on Sunday, August 22, 2021. Four days of intense competition happened, with fans attending all four days at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California. 

Day 1 Playoffs Recap: Brilliant Surprises

The first day of the event began with eight teams and four matches in total, with Atlanta and Toronto sitting this day out. We were guaranteed only to have six of the eight teams remaining at the end of the day. The best part is that every single matchup looked like it was going to be a banger. 

First up, we had Minnesota Rokkr and Dallas Empire in the winners bracket where they had their final bout of the year. Thus far, they were tied against each other, but we had predicted that Minnesota would be the better team here. 

However, you really cannot count out Crimsix and the gang when it comes to LAN and tournament play. This is where they excel and what they do best, which is why they were able to defeat Atlanta, who was the better team last year, not once but twice in a row to take the win in 2020. 

And Dallas Empire did not fail to remind us that this is the case here as they immediately jumped into high gear and shut down any hopes of Minnesota taking on Toronto Ultra in the next round of the winners bracket. They made this a fast and somewhat uncontested match, winning it easily three rounds to nothing for the first of only three sweeps in the event. 

Minnesota bumped down to the elimination bracket as we moved into the next winners bracket match with New York Subliners and OpTic Chicago. The first match was a shocker as much of the community expected Rokkr to win as one of the main weaknesses of Dallas, and the surprises did not stop there. 

This was a hotly contested match and one that you should tune in and watch as one of the best matches of the event. It was very close. The return of Clayster was felt as the champ eager to reclaim his throne did not stop one bit against OpTic, leading his team to an upset three to two victory to bump Chicago down to the losers bracket. 

After that, we moved down to the bottom bracket for the first elimination match of Rokkr versus LA Thieves in what would be one of these team’s final match of the year. It was another close call and an amazing one to watch, but the end result was a Rokkr victory three to two to shut the door and conclude the season for the Thieves after finding the brilliant, best roster they’ve had all year. 

And to end the day, we had another elimination match with Chicago taking on the Florida Mutineers. The Mutineers did show some signs of life in this match, but not nearly enough to take down OpTic that had the fans on their side and an upset behind them. They won this fairly dominantly three to one to end the season for the tragic Florida team, who will hopefully find their footing much faster next year. 

Day 2: End of the Road for Some Talented Teams

The second day of the event started with six teams remaining and would conclude with only four, half of the starting number, left in the tournament. Some truly talented teams were eliminated on this day and had their champs run ended. 

The winners bracket again kicked off the day with the one-round bye team, Toronto Ultra, taking on Dallas Empire. This was a match that had I predicted that it would happen, I would have given it to Toronto easily. It might have been close, but I would have given it to Ultra regardless. 

This was one of the best matches in the tournament, for sure, with a three to two very close victory going to Dallas. I, and others, had counted out Dallas as reclaiming their championship title this year, but they showed up and proved us wrong, winning this important victory to claim a guaranteed winners final spot and top three spots in the playoffs. 

This bumped Toronto down to the bottom bracket while we moved to the next winners match with the Subliners and FaZe. Many were interested in seeing how FaZe would do after their terrible Stage 5 Major run, which was eliminated quickly. 

However, Atlanta showed that they had recovered and easily won this in perhaps one of the fastest matches of the tournament for the second sweep three to nothing. This left us with just two more elimination matches for the day and the end of the road for some teams. 

Next up, we had OpTic versus Toronto in a rematch that is crazy that it was happening this early. Ultra showed that they were not going to see the end of their season here and gave their all to not only beat OpTic but in a pretty dominant way three to one. That was the end of Scump, Dashy, and the team for this year. 

The day concluded with Minnesota Rokkr versus the New York Subliners in a mysterious match. One has not happened much between these two teams this year; we were uncertain how this would play out. But Minnesota proved that they would be the one to make an elimination bracket run this year, winning three to one. 

New York did the best they could, despite the tragedy and issues they’ve had and probably could have been champs had things gone differently this year, but Attach. His team shut down any chances of his former team doing so. 

Day 3: End of a Dream

With the third day now here, we had only three matches ahead of us and four teams left in the event. The day kicked off with the highly anticipated winners finals, with Atlanta and Dallas repeating last year. They were both in the winners finals last year, so would the Empire continue its second championship run here?

Hilariously and surprisingly enough, Atlanta shut that down instantly in what looked to be possibly the fastest match of the event. FaZe once again destroyed this match and won three to nothing, proving that we would not get a repeat of what happened last year at champs. 

Then we moved to the bottom bracket for the end of the road for one team as Minnesota and Toronto faced each other. This match was an amazing one as both teams gave it their all to show that they were worthy of the championship title. 

This was also a key rematch from the grand finals of Major 5, where Minnesota came back and won. The match honestly looked done for Minnesota once they lost Control, as they only had one map win. There was little chance they would make it to a game five. 

However, if they somehow made it to a game five in Search & Destroy, I would bet they would win it. They somehow pulled through with a Hardpoint win to make it to game five, where I expected them to win. It was decently close on Moscow, but Toronto shut down the chances of Rokkr beating them again in this close match. 

For sure, Minnesota is the dark horse of this year’s playoffs, much like London was last year. Hopefully, this team does not make the same mistakes next year that the Royal Ravens did this year and change things too much because these talented players, including our MVP Attach, could very be champs next year. 

With that done, Toronto had the gauntlet of having to do another match right after that, and not an easy one, either. This one was Toronto versus Dallas for the right to face Atlanta in the finals. This was a very close match, too, and insane in its own right. 

If there is any match that you should watch without a doubt in the playoffs, I would not say, necessarily, the Atlanta FaZe Champs 2021 win. That might be second, but this one would be first. It was the closest match of the event and one of the closest of the year. 

When Toronto was up two to one and we went to Hardpoint, I counted Dallas out, but the insane finale on Raid was unlike anything we’ve seen before, with an impressive 250 to 248 win that Empire could make to stay in the game. 

For a second, I thought Dallas might somehow win game five and face FaZe again for the championship, but Toronto reminded Dallas that they are the much better S&D team to win the match. This eliminated Dallas and ended their chances of any current champs retaining the title, but a third-place finish is honestly impressive given that almost all odds were against them. 

Day 4: Atlanta FaZe Champs 2021 Win

And with that, we were brought to Sunday, where there was only one match: Atlanta FaZe versus Toronto Ultra for the title of 2021 champions. Both teams deserved to be there as the top two teams, but it was the safest and unsurprising outcome that could have happened this year. 

Both had everything to prove as Atlanta had the chance to show that they would not miss out on a championship again, like last year, while Toronto had to recover from their loss at Major 5. Keep in mind that Toronto is the only team this year to beat FaZe in a grand finals, so they had that benefit. 

My prediction this year was for Toronto to win, but I was wrong with the Atlanta FaZe Champs 2021 win in the end. Oddly enough, though the final score was five to three, which is pretty good for a best of nine and certainly more interesting than last year’s, it was a pretty boring match. 

This was because, while it was mostly back-and-forth with one team winning a game and the other team winning one, each game was pretty boring. Atlanta would dominate the respawns, giving no chance of victory to Toronto, while Ultra would destroy them in the Search and Destroys. 

There was almost no contest in every game, including the final one, where Atlanta blasted Ultra in Hardpoint on Apocalypse. It is best that they did that, too, as they were almost guaranteed to lose the championship if Toronto got the game win there. Ultra would have likely run away with the championship title in the ninth and final round. 

But that did not happen with the decisive final Hardpoint victory for FaZe that would earn them the Atlanta FaZe Champs 2021 win. They have made a comeback from last year, rightfully earned the title, and are easily the best business team. They might even be the best Call of Duty team of all time. 

Where we go from here is simple: the rest of the year will be dedicated to the rostermania as teams kick players, players jump ship, and others are signed onto organizations ahead of the Call of Duty Vanguard season next year. We expect some major changes for teams like London, Seattle, Guerrillas, and Paris. 

But also some significant changes might be expected for other, better teams like Thieves, Subliners, and maybe even Chicago. We will have the full coverage of that as soon as it starts, so be sure to keep an eye here for all of the updates. 


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