Atlanta FaZe Blacklisted From CDL Scrims

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 10th 2020

A “GA” isn’t the state of Georgia. There aren’t new Georgian Rules for the Call of Duty League. No, GA rules are Gentleman’s Agreement rules. On top of the CDL’s rules, these would be rules the other teams agree to abide by. They aren’t contractually obligated to, but agree, as gentlemen. The idea is that weapons that are ridiculously overpowered won’t be abused in-game. However, Atlanta FaZe did not agree to this and was blacklisted from taking part in CDL scrims.

Game mechanics previously discussed were “Auto Tactical Sprint,” 10mm MP5 Rounds, Merc Foregrip, and Snaking. In particular, Snaking is a glitch that lets players appear prone to other enemies, while still moving at running speed. This is a logical thing to not want in your competitive games, as well, it’s a glitch. But something else was discussed recently.

What’s Going On?

The piece of gear that was discussed for this GA rule was the AUG SMG. It wasn’t in the spotlight for the competitive meta in Modern Warfare, but suddenly, it’s back! This is likely due to the MP5 nerfs that hit the game.

FaZe aBeZy discussed why they were blacklisted in a now-deleted tweet. “We’ve been grinding and practicing with the AUG for 2/3 days and then when we don’t agree to a GA two days before an event, they try to blacklist us and say they are using everything against us this weekend,” he tweeted. “It’s going to be a fun weekend so everyone get your popcorn.”

Not being able to take part in scrims means the team can’t get the practice they need to prepare for major matches. Not every team appears to have blacklisted the Atlanta FaZe, but 8/11 is a major deal. This isn’t an official ban, though, just a Gentleman’s Agreement not to use the weapon. They can’t be punished in competitive matches for it, at least as far as we’re aware.

But all of the team captains agreed on this GA, according to Dallas Empire’s Ian “Crimsix” Porter. Any team that didn’t comply would receive no scrims (practice) until they agree, and no 10s. We have no idea if the Atlanta FaZe will agree to the GA, or if they will stay blacklisted. If they’re the only team using the powerful gun, we’ll just have to see the fallout.

This is surely going to be a wild series of Call of Duty League matches. Atlanta FaZe continue to shake things up and keep them interesting. If they don’t agree to the AUG SM ban, the other teams will break other Gentleman’s Agreements. That means Atlanta FaZe can do the same thing, perhaps. As long as they stay within the CDL’s rules, anything goes in the upcoming matches it seems!

Atlanta FaZe continues their heel turn in the CDL, but we wonder if they’ll stand by the decision, even if it means being blacklisted for practice. If they’re confident in their skill, we could see them stand by their guns, if you’ll pardon the pun.


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