Atlanta Esports Ventures to Establish HQ for Atlanta Reign

by in General | Nov, 14th 2019

Regardless of the venture, $100 million is no small investment. Governor Brian P. Kemp revealed a major move by Atlanta Esports Ventures (AEV). Midtown Atlanta is going to be home to the headquarters for the Overwatch team Atlanta Reign. All On Georgia broke the news this morning.

Atlanta Is a Hub for Esports with Atlanta Reign, Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta Reign

The Atlanta Reign may be the first professional esports team for the city, but it’s not the only one. The Overwatch League team is joined by the Atlanta FaZe, also owned by AEV. Atlanta FaZe is a new franchise in the Call of Duty esports scene.

Governor Kemp discussed how excited he was for this announcement:

“We are proud to see Atlanta Reign expanding their footprint in Midtown with the opening of this new headquarters. Atlanta is quickly becoming a hub for esports in the United States, and this announcement speaks to the strength of Georgia’s vibrant tech and entertainment industries.”

It is a huge move but not a surprising one. Atlanta has already been home to a wealth of esports events. SMITE Worlds / Paladins Worlds, once their own events, joined with perhaps the most prominent esports event in Atlanta: DreamHack.

DreamHack Atlanta is just one of the stops for the DreamHack series of tournaments, but it’s a serious one. CSGO, Smite, Paladins, Halo, Madden, Fighting Games, you name it. It all comes here for a weekend in November.

What About FaZe Clan?

One thing I cannot help but wonder is, will Atlanta FaZe also be a part of this HQ? Atlanta FaZe is the successor to FaZe Clan, who has competed in Call of Duty since 2012. However, FaZe Clan has consistently been in the news, bringing negative attention wherever they go.

They always say there’s no such thing as bad press, but I’m not sure that I agree in this case. With this new esports HQ, I imagine you’d like to have a positive face of esports in such a significant tech area. I’m not personally affected one way or another by this, but it’s something I’m curious to see.

One hundred million dollars is a wild amount of money to invest in one team’s HQ. Since the goal is to invest in the growing esports ecosystem of Atlanta, I cannot imagine that space would go to just one team, but several Atlanta-based esports squads.

Great for the Community

Atlanta has a thriving esports scene, and every year, it just seems to grow and grow. From game developers to consistent esports tournaments, the scene only gets better.

Georgia’s game development scene is massive, as well. Dr. Eloisa Klementich, president and CEO of Invest Atlanta, went on record to say:

“With more than 150 production studios, Georgia’s video gaming industry is one of the hottest in the region, accounting for approximately $750 million in economic impact a year. The esports community, led by companies like Atlanta Reign, is creating business opportunities and jobs for a new generation of digital innovators in the city. We are excited to see Atlanta Reign growing with a new facility and look forward to seeing the team blow away the competition in upcoming matches.”

The idea behind franchising is to create stability for teams and give fans a place to root for their favorite squads. So, the next step in franchising seems to be having a base of operations. I’m glad to see Atlanta Reign getting a place to call home, as the first significant esports team for the city of Atlanta.

If esports continues to grow, I would like to see teams traveling to each other’s headquarters or personal venues to have home and away games like traditional sports. If nothing else, it might go away to making esports feel more like traditional sports. So, congrats to the Atlanta Reign.


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