Atari Responds to Soulja Boy Claiming Co-Ownership

by in General | Aug, 23rd 2021

Soulja Boy isn’t new to the gaming scene, but being a co-owner of Atari? That sounds mildly unlikely. Many of us remember his “game consoles” from 2018. Knock-off consoles with hundreds of pre-loaded (and illegal) ROMs that got him in trouble with Nintendo. That wasn’t the end of his console selling gimmick either. As of yesterday afternoon, we’ve heard from the mouth of Soulja Boy himself that he is the new owner of Atari. On top of that, he’s going to sell his gaming company for 140 million dollars. How true is this though? That’s a very good question.

Soulja Boy Is Not The CEO

Soulja Boy went live recently to proclaim that Atari was proud of what he did with Soulja Boy Gaming Console and that he signed two deals with them. Reportedly, Soulja Boy owns Atari. In his own words:

“They was real proud of me and what I did with the Soulja Boy Game console, you know what I’m saying. I blew Soulja Boy Game up. We about to sell the company for, like, what was it, 100… I think I’m gonna get $140 million… I’m getting $140 million from Soulja Boy Game, so… Atari reached out and I just signed a deal with Atari… I signed two deals with Atari… I’m the owner.”

If this is actually true, it would be absolutely huge. He would be the first rapper to own a major video game company. Atari may be nowhere near where they were in the heyday of the 80s, but they have made a comeback with the VCS. Soulja Boy pretty much does it all though. He writes music, sells soap, “game consoles”, and was even interested in esports. What did Atari have to say? We reached out to a contact who said the same thing that we saw on Twitter:

“We know that CEO of Atari is a dream job, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen.”

To play Devil’s Advocate, Atari only pointed out the CEO, not the owner. Could Soulja Boy really be co-owner of Atari? Anything’s possible, perhaps. But is he? It sure doesn’t sound like it. If this story should develop, we’ll make sure to bring you the latest.


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