Atari Hotels Reveals New Details for Las Vegas Location

by in Entertainment | Oct, 14th 2020

Some of us at Esports Talk are old enough to remember the Atari. It’s an iconic brand and synonymous with a golden age of gaming. When we saw that Atari is teaming with the GSD Group and Gensler to create the gaming-inspired Atari Gaming Hotels, we were immediately excited. The first two are coming to Las Vegas and Phoenix. There will be future hotels for Austin, Chicago, Denver, and more, but the Las Vegas location is the one we’re most excited for. Atari has revealed further details about the Las Vegas gaming hotel.

World-Class Hotel Experiences With Classic/Modern Gaming

Atari Gaming Hotels will blend the past, present, and future, whether in Las Vegas or elsewhere. The aim is to offer one-of-a-kind hospitality and a gorgeous location, complete with amenities for esports fans and content creators. Want to enjoy the latest in gaming and entertainment? You can do that right at the hotel! One of the worst things about travel is not gaming while you’re on the go easily. This writer has traveled for gaming events for years. Seeing hotels locked down so you can’t hook up the PS4 or Switch is the worst.

You’ll be able to game at the hotel, purchase merch, or hang out in a speakeasy or nightclub, if that’s more your speed. Sometimes you want to unwind with a few drinks, and for the adult customers, that’s going to be available. Atari Hotels promises to be a blend of modern aesthetic and retro gaming. Do you want to go to a retro arcade? They’ve got you covered.

“I have seen the vision that GSD Group has for Atari Hotels, and they are poised to shatter the perception of what hotels can be,” said Fred Chesnais, Atari’s CEO. “Atari Hotels will create a world that caters to gamers of all ages and experience levels, giving them a place to call home — a groundbreaking experience that shares Atari’s legacy of innovation.”

We can’t help but agree. As Las Vegas grows as an esports hub, players and fans will want to stay in a hotel that caters to their needs. Sure, gambling is neat, but hanging out, playing video games, having drinks with friends, and talking esports in an environment built for it? It can’t get any better. Plus, the visual aesthetic of the hotel so far is gorgeous.

Atari Gaming Hotels, in Las Vegas and beyond, will feature cutting-edge gaming arenas. Players and fans can bask in the glow of esports like never before. Perhaps we’ll see tournaments and competitions at the Atari Hotels? Guests will be able to explore their groundbreaking hospitality innovations, business opportunities, and plenty of entertainment for anyone. Whether you’re a retro fan, or a casual/hardcore gamer, streamer, or content creator, it sounds like you’ll be at home in the Atari Hotel.

Would you attend esports in Las Vegas and stay at the Atari Hotel? Sound like something that would be your alley? Let us know what you’d like to see in the hotel itself!


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