Astralis Sign Lucky: Can the 18-Year-Old Dane Be the Difference in Astralis’ PGL Major Run?

by in CS:GO | Jul, 26th 2021

Earlier today, Astralis announced the signing of 18-year-old Phillip “Lucky” Ewald. The young Danish prodigy spent the last year and a half playing for Tricked. His tenure at Tricked was a mixture of success and failure. Even though he played well, his team just couldn’t burst onto the main stage.

Astralis have been looking for a proper AWPer for quite some time now. Ever since device’s departure, dupreeh has been the one to take the AWPer role. And even though he’s been doing just fine, the need for a natural AWPer is still there. Well, it was there up until this morning when Astralis announced the signing of Lucky.

Astralis Sign Lucky as Sixth Man

“Astralis sign Lucky” is the big CSGO news today. But, it also raises some questions regarding Astralis’ future starting lineup. As stated earlier, they’re reestablishing their extended, six-man roster. They haven’t benched anyone; they will be using Lucky in their rotation. How will the main rotation look like – will it include Bubzkji or Lucky, or even both? That remains to be seen!

Lucky wasn’t the only Danish AWPer that fans connected to Astralis over the last few months. Alongside him, there were also talks about mertz and farlig stepping up for the big move. In the end, Astralis opted for the youngest lad, but one with undeniably massive potential!

18-Year-Old Prodigy

The 18-year-old already has almost five full years of experience in competitive CSGO. He started off back in 2017, playing for Sorby Academy and Eyez on Me. It wasn’t until January 2020 that he got his first proper contract. After a fairly successful year-and-a-half tenure with Tricked, the young Danish prodigy is ready to take the next step forward and establish himself as Astralis’ primary AWPer.

Needless to say, Lucky has massive shoes to fill. But, considering he’s just 18, and knowing Astralis won’t rush things with him, I reckon both parties will benefit from this deal. He’ll be given plenty of time to settle in. If things don’t work out right off the bat, the fact that he’s their sixth man won’t put that much pressure on him. It’s a mitigating circumstance for him, but one that he surely won’t take for granted.


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