Astralis Responds to Promisq Telling People to Get Cancer

by in League of Legends | Apr, 16th 2021

Astralis’ Promisq has been threatening to throw games and telling people to get cancer, and his org has responded. A player with a reportedly long-standing history of being incredibly toxic, it’s really unfortunate to see that trend continuing. A Reddit thread revealed several threads of screenshots where Astralis’ own Hampus “Promisq” Abrahamsson telling people to get cancer, among other awful, repulsive things to his teammates. As of today, Astralis have responded to these allegations, and they don’t seem to be pleased.

Astralis is “Handling the Matter Internally”:

This all came to light yesterday, when a Twitter user shared screenshots of Promisq of Astralis telling him to get cancer. A pair of screenshots were shared. The first screenshot shows Promisq saying he’ll “run it down” if 1p (first pick) doesn’t grab Renekton. Running it down in this instance means he’ll just run down the lane over and over, feeding kills and throwing the game so his team loses.

Adam Harney then asked what Promisq what his problem was. Promisq’s response was “hope u get cancer thats all have a good day!” across a pair of messages in-game. A few people came out with other screenshots where Promisq was being toxic as humanly possible, but then there’s one where “HE BECAME POLITE ALL OF A SUDDEN”, where he simply says “hey everyone :)”.

Astralis LoL on Twitter: "… "

As of this morning, Astralis posted a response on Twitter, where they inform the fans they’ll be handling the matter internally:

We are aware of the current situation with Hampus ‘promisq’ Abrahamsson regarding his recent misbehavior and use of profanities online. It is a matter we take very seriously. At Astralis, we condemn such behavior, which does not live up to our values and company culture. The players are on a break at the moment, but that does not change our responsibility and we are handling the matter internally together with Hampus.

If the LEC support player is as toxic as everyone says he is, it’s a baffling decision to recruit someone who is practically a ticking time bomb of toxicity. Whether or not he’ll be replaced, or just put on a disciplinary break, we’ll just have to see. As of this writing, Promisq has yet to make a statement, but there is absolutely no excusing this kind of talk. There are people who are of course going to say “That’s just the regular League experience” and yes, that’s unfortunately true.

It’s a culture that needs to change, and pro players with a powerful following openly being so gross to other players is only going to perpetuate that sort of talk. We will keep tuned to this and see what, if anything is done as a result of this behavior.


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