Astralis Recruits North American Rainbow Six Siege Roster

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Sep, 3rd 2021

Earlier this year, we saw Astralis listed on the American Stock Market, and now they have a North American Rainbow Six Siege roster. It’s a huge move for the Danish superstars and could ultimately dominate this region. We’ll have to see what comes as a result of it. It’s not been all victories for Astralis, but this could be a good thing for the Rainbow Six Siege scene with this roster being picked up.

What Was Acquired in Disrupt Being Picked Up?

What did they get now that Astralis has a foothold in America through Disrupt’s Rainbow Six Siege roster? They gained the key staff of Disrupt, such as Mark Flood, director of U.S. operations. All digital assets, facilities, and League Rights were acquired, so they’ve got a first real foothold here. 

“Expanding our team activities and organization into North America and entering Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six NA League is big news for us,” said Jakob Lund Kristensen, chief revenue officer for Astralis. “Our intention is to bring something new and exciting to all the fans of Rainbow Six, while also giving the vast number of existing Astralis fans all over the world a new team in a game and a league that provides entertainment and competition on a very high level.”

Astralis is one of the best-known European orgs, that’s for sure. They hold spots in ESL, BLAST, and the LEC, so we will have to see if Astralis will move to more North American esports. Astralis prides itself in embracing the positives of gaming and being entertaining, engaging. The Rainbow Six Siege scene is still growing in North America. Disrupt Gaming joining forces under Astralis’ banner could be a way to shine some light on it.

Astralis’ current Rainbow Six Siege roster is as follows:

  • Retro (Alexander Lloyd)
  • Shuttle (Aaron Dugger)
  • J9O (Jack Burkard)
  • Iconic (David Ifidon)
  • Dpfire (Matthew Macway)

We’re looking forward to seeing Astralis bring their own “Astralis Performance” model and applying it to this North American team. Will this breed succeed? Only time will tell, but we’ll keep our eye on the Rainbow Six Siege scene and see where they go.


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