Astralis Fined 5,000 Euros Over Missing Salary Payments to LEC Team

by in League of Legends | Oct, 13th 2020

It looks like Astralis is in the hot seat here when it comes to their League of Legends teams. According to the LoL esports website, Astralis was late on multiple payments to their team and “conduct unbecoming of a LEC team manager” by the interim general manager of Astralis. At least it doesn’t appear that the payments were missed maliciously, but due to “Danish jurisdiction and human error.” It still doesn’t excuse missing payments to your players, who generally need that money post-haste, if not sooner. Astralis received a fine and more by the LEC to make sure things go smoothly.

According to the LEC, the Astralis fine of 5,000 euros was handed down to Astralis Esports and “subject to certain requirements from the League to avoid repetition of either offense.” But what exactly does that mean?

No Excuses, Only Changes

According to the post by Maximilian “Max the X” Peter Schmidt, the actions unbecoming came from the interim general manager of Astralis. What went down from their end? From what Max the X has pointed out, unbecoming conduct comes from “misrepresentation of contract terms” with the Astralis squad and an instance of verbal misconduct. A further explanation of what was said wasn’t brought up, only that the incident occurred.

That isn’t the only thing that led to a fine for Astralis by the LEC. Team members reported a series of missing payments to the LEC Commission who notified Astralis. As we said, Astralis was cooperative and confirmed that it was the result of Danish jurisdiction and human error. The payments were then made to the team and resolved the problem. But the fact that happened is the important thing. Astralis needs to be more proactive in fixing problems like this or making sure they don’t happen in the first place.

What did LoL Esports have to say will be done by Astralis, in addition to the org being fined? Astralis is now required to establish and communicate a direct avenue in which team members can report their grievances towards Astralis’ ownership. Astralis is also required to create an onboarding program for the teams that include an outline of the above and an overview of Danish vacation pay and tax/payment/EasyID requirements. That way, these things don’t happen again.

LoL Esports isn’t going just to let it go. The League will be scheduling check-in calls with all team members in the 2021 season to ensure these things are happening. Finally, an official warning will be handed down to Astralis and their general manager for the conduct that was unbecoming of a LEC team manager. LoL Esports considers the LEC organizations responsible for their employees’ actions, which is why Astralis also receives an official reprimand.

A 5,000 euro fine and the actual punishment for Astralis makes sense. It’s frankly, something that should have already been in place initially. It’s not like Astralis is a new esports org, either. They have a pedigree of success in the esports world, so it’s really disappointing that something like this would happen.


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