Astralis Eliminated from PGL Major Stockholm By Vitality

by in CS:GO | Nov, 2nd 2021

Vitality’s CSGO team have done it! ZywOo and the boys have done the impossible – they’ve defeated Astralis, and sent them packing home! That’s right – Astralis eliminated from the PGL Major is what you’ll be reading a lot about in the next 24 hours. What went wrong, what could’ve been done differently, and was gla1ve the right choice instead of in-form Bubzkji?

Well, it doesn’t really matter now, does it? Despite Astralis Twitter team already doing damage control, emphasizing gla1ve’s performances, their fans won’t forget the fact they benched their key IEM XVI Fall player right before the Major.

It doesn’t matter really – Astralis are going home, while Vitality still remains in the mix, though they’ll have a tough fifth-round battle on their hands!

Astralis Eliminated by Vitality

Other Results

As you probably know, four teams have already found their way into the playoffs. G2 and NaVi went through with 3:0, while Gambit and FURIA joined them one day later with 3:1. As for eliminated teams; alongside Astralis we have Liquid, EG, and ENCE. At the time of writing, both vs. Mouz and Heroic vs. CPHF were still far from finished.

That said, four spots are still up for grabs, one of which ought to be decided by the time you read this. All in all, we’re almost at the business end of the competition – you better get ready for the playoffs starting this Thursday!


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