Asmongold Was Denied an Exclusive Twitch Deal

by in Entertainment | Sep, 2nd 2021

It sounds like it would be incredibly petty if Asmongold never gets to have an exclusive, custom Twitch deal. We learned yesterday that he’s taking a bit of a hiatus from streaming, but with the news of all the big names moving to Youtube, he came out of hiatus very briefly. It wasn’t on his Asmongold channel though, it was on his alternate channel, ZackRawrr. In it, he let his fans know he’ll probably never get an exclusive deal with Twitch. At some point in the past, he requested an exclusive deal with the streaming giant, but Asmongold was turned down.

Is He a Liability, or a Brand Risk?

According to Asmongold, “Twitch did not offer me a custom contract. I was going to see if I could get one but they [turned it down]. . .they didn’t end up offering me one.” In a way, this isn’t especially surprising. Asmongold has never shied away from saying what he felt, even when it came to the platform he’s streaming on. It’s not like he’s a small-time streamer either, having well over 18,000 subs on his channel. As to why he pondered it. He suggested that he could be considered a “politically incorrect streamer.” It could also be a brand risk because of what he says and how he talks about Twitch.

Asmongold - Wikipedia
Asmongold is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers (credit Wikipedia)

Another reason could be the breaks he takes from the platform. He talked about how he felt about it, too:

“It did bother me until I realized, why do I need a stamp of approval from a bunch of people that don’t even like me? So I thought to myself, f**k ‘em.”

It sounds like Twitch didn’t appreciate some of the things Asmongold has said, so he won’t get a custom deal. It could be how he talked about the forced mid-roll ads from 2020. At the end of the day, he gets to stream how and when he wants and doesn’t have to go online if he doesn’t want to. Asmongold considers his “takes” probably isn’t it, and how inconsistent he is and the breaks he takes very well may be the reason. If it were his opinions about the platform, that feels like a very petty reason. Having someone on the payroll that is open and honest about how things are going could lead to growth. That’s of course, hypothetical. It does seem like Asmongold isn’t going to get an exclusive deal, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much.


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