Asim Was Reportedly Able to Stay in Call of Duty League Because of ZooMaa

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 26th 2021

The Call of Duty League is the story of so many pros across different experience levels and expertise coming together to compete and see who will be the best in the current franchise game. But one of the most heartwarming and telling stories is that of Asim and ZooMaa. 

Asim Gives Credit to ZooMaa for Him Returning to the Call of Duty League

Asim is one of the Call of Duty League pro players who was able to debut in the 2020 inaugural season for the league but was met with criticism due to how his original team did that year. But fast forward to 2021. It is like night and day with the performance this pro currently has. 

But it seems that there is more to the story behind Asim and how he can shine as brightly as he is currently on the New York Subliners starting lineup. And it seems that it has a lot to do with the former Subliners player ZooMaa who has been the subject of much of the league lately. 

Asim revealed on Twitter this week the real reason he has been able to do as well as he has this season thus far. He noted that “in all honesty,” if it weren’t for ZooMaa fighting for him “for a [second] time,” that he doesn’t think that he would currently be a starter for any Call of Duty League team. 

This tweet was timed perfectly in response to another tweet from someone on the social media platform that was itself about one of the most recent Call of Duty League games that happened this week during the Super Week for the 2021 season

ZooMaa Is Possibly the Only Reason He Joined the Subliners

The original tweet came from an analyst for the franchise TheTacticalRab who posted that the pro player was almost not even on a single main Call of Duty League team this year is insane, especially given how he has been performing lately in the 2021 season. 

Asim responded to that tweet with the message, revealing the truth of how and why he is currently playing for the New York Subliners this season. Also, there was a tweet just before that from the player retweeting what his pal ZooMaa had to say. 

ZooMaa posted a video of a classic meme of someone crying and being emotional over something, along with the caption that he was “a mess” over there and tagged his pal in the process. This led to the New York Subliners player retweeting the message and noting that you need to “give credit where credit is due.”

This was likely the inspiration behind the next tweet where he admitted that it was directly because of ZooMaa that he could compete. While we don’t typically see this deep into some of the intricacies and decisions that go into teams, this is one spot that seems we have a clear view. 

Asim Was Part of the Terrible Minnesota Rokkr Team

Before the 2021 season had begun, it was clear that Asim would not get a chance anytime soon to play for one of the main Call of Duty League teams again. So, if anything, his best bet was joining some of the other dropped players in the Challengers division where they could shine more.

This was likely because he was unable to perform that well during the inaugural season as part of the Minnesota Rokkr team. We and many others regarded that team as the worst team in the entire league by the end of the season.

Despite a strong start at the beginning of the season, the switch to online killed the entire team’s entire momentum and never recovered from it, honestly getting worse as time went on. The team’s initial performance allowed them to start in the playoffs’ upper bracket, but they didn’t honestly deserve it as much as other teams like OpTic Gaming LA. 

They quickly proved that, losing both matches back-to-back and getting cut from the event without putting up much effort at all, whereas at least a team like the Los Angeles Guerrillas tried some. As such, the Rokkr dropped everyone from its roster after the season concluded. 

So, the future for Asim certainly didn’t look good going into the next season of the league, but fortune shined on him when the tragic situation of ZooMaa’s injury returning forced him to retire again. This left the already struggling Subliners without one of its main returning players. 

But Asim Has Had Amazing Results This Season

Hydra was quickly signed as the replacement for the Subliners in the 2021 season, and then tragedy struck again as visa issues caused him to be unable to enter the United States and compete. This is where it seems that ZooMaa gave the former Rokkr pro player Asim a chance to shine again. 

He was signed to the Subliners as a temporary starter for the team until Hydra could get his visa stuff worked out, but it turns out that he may not be needed. Asim has had a fantastic season thus far, showing off some really strong performances in the last two matches of the Super Week. 

He was able to help the New York Subliners win two back-to-back three to nothing matches against the London Royal Ravens, which wasn’t too surprising, but then again against the Minnesota Rokkr, who we consider one of the best teams around. 

It should not have been that easy of a match for the Subliners, but it was largely because of him. If he can keep this going, the Subliners will quickly recover and become the team it once was and potentially beyond that. He is a player to keep an eye on right now this season. 


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