Asim Says Clayster Quit on the New York Subliners

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 26th 2021

The New York Subliners are a team that has gone through a good bit of tragedy during the 2021 season, and that only amplified recently with the temporary departure of the world champ and seemingly the leader of the team: Clayster. But it looks like his leaving was reportedly not as positive as we thought if some potential Asim and Clayster drama are to be believed. 

New York Subliners Could Have More Drama Going On

The New York Subliners competed recently during the Seattle Surge Home Series against the Atlanta FaZe, where they were taken down rather swiftly. This was understandable given the changes for the Subliners and the sheer power that the FaZe Clan has. 

As always, former Subliners player and current NYSL content creator ZooMaa is the host of The Flank, a Call of Duty League-themed podcast that is becoming more and more impressive by the week. Deemed as mainly a reaction podcast to the weekly matches in the league, there was a lot to talk about in the recent episode regarding the Subliners and FaZe. 

However, the Clayster departure was brought up in this conversation, and some beef potentially teased between Asim and Clayster. During this most recent episode, former pro player and current 100 Thieves content creator Enable was a guest host with ZooMaa.

At around the 19-minute mark of The Flank, panelists were discussing the results of the first map of the Atlanta FaZe and New York Subliners during the Seattle Surge Home Series. With Clay being a hot topic these days, the conversation naturally gravitated towards him. 

Enable Believes Clayster Would Not Just Quit on the Team

At this point, the guest host, Enable, made his claims about how he did not think that Clay would just up and leave the Subliners near the end of the season and quit on them in their worst performance. He noted that this was something that did not “seem right at all.”

Instead, Enable believes Clayster in that he needs a mental break from the team, which was the message that was given to the community recently. Clay is not in the right mindset and needs a break from the competition and practices, but this is not the end of the line for him. 

Enable does not believe that Clay would seemingly abandon the team at the end of the season when they are doing their worst. This is what he stated on the podcast. Normally, that would not be enough to make the news, but it was what happened in the chat that shook the entire podcast up. 

Asim Claims Clayster Did Just Quit on Them

During the middle of Enable giving his thoughts on the matter, Asim himself showed up in the chat and stated that this was “exactly what it was” and that he would “keep pushing” even still. Asim was making it clear that it was not necessarily about mental health or at least mainly that, but that Clay did quit on the team in the end. 

This was an insane turn of events as it now seems like some Asim and Clayster beef is going on since the former thinks that Clay has abandoned the team. This is far from the official statements that we have gotten from the Subliners and Clayster himself. 

Unfortunately, this is not enough information to get a full picture of what has happened behind the scenes with the troubled Subliners roster. As always, there will be at least two sides to every story, but it seems clear at least that Asim’s side of the story is that Clayster has quit on them in their time of need. 

To Asim, it seems that Clayster has jumped ship before it sinks, which would imply that this would mean that Clay has no intention of coming back to the team, which is contrary to what we have been told. In this case, it would be something that we would find out much sooner rather than later. 

Clayster Has Stated That He Is Taking a Mental Break

On the other hand, you have what Clay is saying: he is taking a mental break from the game and will be coming back at some point. He recently shared himself flying in a plane on his Twitter, likely taking a vacation while he is on leave from the Subliners roster. 

If Clayster is telling the truth and will be returning to the Subliners soon, it would stand to reason that he will be coming back for the event that he has been building towards all year long and was able to win last year: the playoffs. 

That is only a few weeks away, so this vacation and break would have to come to an end in likely a week or two for him to get some practice in before the main event. This also means that he is likely not going to be part of the upcoming Major tournament. 

The New York Subliners are in the bottom bracket for the upcoming Major 5, which will be in-person, with Asim, Diamondcon, Mack, and Hydra. Of course, that is if Diamondcon can get into the United States in time for the tournament this weekend. 

He is currently in Canada. There are some possible issues with getting a visa in time to compete in Dallas, Texas, for the event. Hopefully, he can get here in time, or else there may be more issues on the team’s hands than there already are. Be sure to stay tuned for more news on that in the coming days. 


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