Asian Andy Makes a Response to Sexual Assault Allegations

by in Entertainment | Feb, 23rd 2021

Popular streamer Asian Andy has now released his own response in the wake of recent sexual assault allegations which have left his community divided. The allegations stem from a Twitter user named Goblincub who claims that Asian Andy sexually assaulted her while she took shelter from the slew of power outages and poor weather currently affecting Texas. In his response, Asian Andy calls the accusations “wildly inaccurate, hugely misleading.” however with minimal evidence on both sides of the conflict, it’s hard to definitively say where the truth lies.

With quite a lot of sexual assault allegations going around, all we can hope for is that justice is served.

Asian Andy Allegations Response: A Tale of Two Stories

Goblincub chose to stay with Asian Andy, as he still had power during the terrible snowstorm that afflicted Texas over the last week. She felt she could trust him, and reportedly made it clear that she wanted no intimate relationship to exist between them.

According to Goblincub’s Twitlonger:

“From the first day I got to Andy’s house I told him I didn’t want a relationship/hookup of any kind. He chose to ignore me and kept telling me “I like you.” Lots of people came over to shower and hang out so I felt safe until they left. Once they left he then proceeded to touch me and I kept having to say no because I started feeling extremely uncomfortable.”

Allegedly, on the last day, Goblincub woke up to being dry humped and groped by Andy. Per Asian Andy’s response through Google Docs, he says this is without merit. He also alleged that the two have had a relationship in the past, and provided pictures of conversations and flowers that Goblincub sent him previously.

Andy’s response paints things in a very romantic light at first, contrary to what Goblincub stated in her Twitlonger. You can read the entirety of it here. According to Asian Andy in his response to the allegations, Goblincub chose to stay in the same bed as him, despite offering her a guest bedroom:

“I told her that I had a guest room upstairs, and also offered her my bed because I could just sleep elsewhere to make her feel more comfortable. She said it’s fine that we sleep in the same bed.”

While Goblincub stated Andy was dry humping her, Andy refutes the claim. He didn’t argue the arm going over her, but he claims to have immediately moved it. After Andy made his statement, Goblincub’s response was very simple: “See you in court.”  It sounds like a case file has already been filed, and evidence being analyzed. We’ll have to see what comes of it, but it’s a really unfortunate thing to happen if true. It isn’t our place to say who is guilty or innocent, merely to provide the facts as we see them. If it’s true, and Asian Andy was untoward after bringing someone in during a snowstorm, it’s repulsive.


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