Ash Williams Explains Rules of Evil Dead: The Game in Gameplay Trailer

by in General | Jun, 11th 2021

Summer Games Fest has been showing off plenty of new games, from Elden Ring, to Among Us’s roadmap, and even Metal Slug making a comeback. However, after it was shown off during the Game Awards in 2020, Evil Dead: The Game has been at the forefront of horror fan’s minds, and the day before the showcase we did get some new information about the game, such as Ash’s sister making a return, and the official box art. However, players were mostly wondering how the game played, and luckily for them, it did receive a gameplay reveal, and the man of the hour stepped in to give players the details. Bruce Campbell, also known as series protagonist Ash Williams, narrated the trailer, explaining exactly how the game functioned and what players should expect before the game’s launch this year.

How the Game Works

While it was briefly alluded to on the game’s official website, the rules and mechanics of the game were expanded on, including more information about the objectives for the survivors and the Kandarian Demon. Players who play Evil Dead: The Game will be able to pick a side, with one player taking the role of the Kandarian Demon while the other players taking the role of Ash and other characters from the franchise’s long history.

The survivors’ goal is to find the pages of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, otherwise known as the Book of the Dead, recordings from the archeologist Knowby, and other artifacts from the Evil Dead franchise. These artifacts will be scattered about, meaning the players have to scout out locations looking for them, all while being chased down and attacked by the Army of Darkness. Once players have gathered enough supplies and pages, they have to perform a spell to send the Kandarian Demon back from whence it came.

However, the characters in the game aren’t completely helpless, as they all come with their own set of weapons, such as Ash’s Chainsaw, the Boomstick, and other iconic weaponry. Players can use cinematic kills, finishers, and other fantastic moments from the series, such as the shovel being used to decapitate a Deadite, much like Ash did to his possessed girlfriend in the events of the First Movie. Other notable characters from the series are also included as playable survivors, such as Henry the Red from Army of Darkness, Ed Getly from Evil Dead 2, and Amanda Fisher from Ash vs. Evil Dead.

While there might be a cast of notable faces, that doesn’t mean that the Kandarian Demon doesn’t have some familiar monsters up its demonic sleeve. Fans also got to see two of the special demons that the Kandarian Demon could possess, one of which was the Eligos, a mind demon with electrical powers. Around the end of the trailer, players got a taste of Evil Ash from Army of Darkness returning as a playable boss character for the game’s heroes to fight against. Looking closer at the box art for the game also shows that the demonic version of Raymond Knowby’s wife will also be a playable special demon.

With not only Boss Team Games behind the collaboration, but also Saber Interactive, the minds behind World War Z’s game, this paves the way for an unforgettable multiplayer experience ripe with the horror and gore that fans of the cult classic series have come to know and love.


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